30 Mar

Wedding Wednesday POLL: Glasses On Your Wedding Day?

I was looking at the portfolio of our wedding photographer, Nicolette Clark, and getting really excited about our big day!  And during my browsing, I noticed something that really stood out to me…

This bride is wearing glasses!

When I think about it, very few brides that I’ve seen (in person and online) wear glasses on their big day.  In fact, the only one I could remember is from this wedding:

I’m not planning on wearing my glasses when Travis and I get married.  I do wear them pretty much every day, but I’ve only had glasses since October, and I don’t think people see me as a “glasses wearer”.  I think both of these brides are adorable, though, and I’m wondering if you fellow glasses-wearers would sport your specs on your wedding day.



Would you wear glasses on your wedding day if you also wore them in real life?  Would you wear them for a few photos, or for the whole night?  Do you like the look of brides in glasses, or do you think it’s a little strange?  Tell me what you think in the comments!

{ posted: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 }


Comments: {2}

  • Sarah writes:

    Being a photographer I don’t recommend wearing glasses to your wedding! While the shots above look nice, they are in places that don’t have the sun in the brides’ faces. You can get major glare in the sun, and therefore, not be able to see a clear view of their eyes. This can “ruin” a lot of your candid shots. Sunglasses are no good either.

  • Caitlin writes:

    even though I’m nowhere near getting married, I’ve often thought about this. since I can’t stand contacts and I’m pretty blind without my glasses I really have no choice but to wear them when the big day comes! people pretty much never see me without my glasses so I feel like if I showed up on my wedding day without them it would look unusual, and not like in movies and tv shows when people take off their glasses and are magically transformed! I’m really used to my glasses so I’m kind of past caring about wearing them, but I understand why you wouldn’t want to wear them, Kim, since you haven’t had them for that long.

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