24 May

How To: Make Your Own Terrarium

I’ve been dying to make my own terrarium for ages, and over the weekend, I finally took the time to do it!  Terrariums are easy to make, extremely low maintenance, and add a beautiful touch to any room.  Here’s the step by step…

You will need:

1) Potting soil     2) A terrarium (or canister of any kind)     3) Pebbles     4) Succulents and/or cactus     5) A figurine or character of some kind

My terrarium is made to hang and the globe shape wouldn’t sit upright on the table, so I put it in a cereal bowl while I added everything inside :)  Start with 1-2″ of rocks.

Follow that with about 2″ of potting soil.

Remove your plants and arrange them in your terrarium, making sure you dig the roots into the soil a bit.

Cover with more potting soil, then place your figurine in the front.

Put your terrarium on display and enjoy!

To maintain: simply check the pebbles at the bottom.  If they’re wet, no need to water them.  If they’re dry, add a tiny bit of water and you’re done!

What do you think of my terrarium?  Would you make one of your own?  What kind of character or figurine would you add to yours?  Tell me about it in the comments!

{ posted: Thursday, May 24, 2012 }


Comments: {5}

  • Sirleen writes:

    So pretty!! Where did you get the terrarium bowl?

  • Kimberly writes:

    @sirleen: i picked it up at a local gardening shop for $8!

  • Natalie writes:

    AWE! This is too cute! And I am totally loving your desk space… Sharing this on Pinterest for sure!

  • Sarah Pope writes:

    I have been wanting to make one of these for forever! Yours is so awesome! You have inspired me to actually try!

  • Asia writes:

    Wow. It looks awesome. I’m intersted in making my own terrariums for couple of weeks but I always have some closed ones with plants that likes water in the air. Actually I don’t like theese terrarium with figurines and some scenes with it in glass but Yours looks really great, harmonious and “peaceful”. You’ve inspired me to try to make one with small buddha figurine.

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