21 Dec

Wedding Wednesday: Why I Wouldn’t Wear A Strapless Wedding Dress Again

I don’t have many regrets when it comes to my wedding.  The day was beautiful, and full of love, and tons of fun.  But there is one thing I would change if I could do it all over again… I wouldn’t wear a strapless wedding dress.

Don’t get me wrong, I think my dress was pretty enough, but as you probably all know if you’ve ever worn a strapless dress to an event: they’re annoying!  They slowly slide down and you’re constantly assessing whether your boobs are falling out, which is an especially terrifying thought on a day when you are literally the center of everyone’s attention!

I knew going in that strapless dresses have a tendency to move around, so I got it tailored really snugly.  I tested it in the alteration shop by moving around and lifting my arms above my head and it stayed put.  Success, I thought.

But then, I lost 5 lbs. out of stress in the last couple of days before the wedding.  Normally, I would never complain about losing 5 pounds without trying, but it definitely made the dress fit differently.  There are a few wedding photos where I can see the edge of my strapless bra creeping out of the dress, and right after I walked down the aisle, our sweet friend and officiant whispered to me that my bra was popping out.  (Thanks again, Tina!)

Needless to say, if I were to do it again… it’s all about sleeves or straps :)

Would you (or did you) wear a strapless wedding dress?  Have you ever had trouble with a dress falling down?  Style-wise, do you prefer strapless wedding dresses or dresses with sleeves/straps?  Share your opinion in the comments!

{ posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 }


Comments: {2}

  • Tina writes:

    Anytime! I know you’d do the same for me :)

  • Kari writes:

    Hi Kim-I was going for a totally different look and loved my dress with spaghetti straps. I did not have to wear a slip or layers of pouf or deal with it slipping down-very comfortable! I did have to wear a strapless dress as a bridesmaid later that summer and the dresses just did not fit right. We all kept tugging and rearranging. On the dance floor I might have peeped out a little too much. I think strapless dresses can be pretty, but not for everyone or body type. And if you wear one you really need to focus on your posture! You were gorgeous!

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