29 Sep

Wedding Wednesday: What’s The Best Favor You’ve Ever Received?

Two separate people asked me this week what Travis and I are planning for favors, and to be honest, I didn’t really know how to answer.


Favors have the potential to be really cool: they’re a little souvenir/thank you for your guests, and they can add a little individuality to your day.

Edible favors are definitely something we’re considering.  I also read about a couple who gave all of their guests hologram glasses for a whimsical touch.  I’m sure there are a bunch of other options, but it’s hard to think of things that are both inexpensive and thoughtful.  We don’t want to give out favors that our guest won’t enjoy… any ideas?

Do you have any good favor ideas?  What’s the best favor you’ve ever received?  Are favors even necessary?  Tell me what you think in the comments!

{ posted: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 }


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  • Kelsey writes:

    Honestly, I think favors are generally a bunch of stuff I’ll end up throwing away…no matter how cute they are. I have seen a lot of people make a donation to a charity in lieu of favors and place a little card on the table saying that. I find it to be a nice way to prioritize a good cause and not have to give out some piece of crap no one really wants/needs anyway :)

  • Stephanie K writes:

    My parents went to a wedding a while back where the couple hosted a candy buffet (candy displayed in nice glass vases and the candy itself in colors matching the ceremony’s color palate) and had empty jars at all the place settings so guests could grab some candy and take it home with them. Maybe a little less personal, but it’s…interactive? Good luck coming up with ideas!!


  • Kari writes:

    I’ve seen the candy bar too. To spend less money, you could provide decorative plastic baggies instead of jars. I’ve also seen a coffee bar brought out towards the end with to-go cups and different options (different creamers, flavors and spices). You could even have someone there to make the drinks. Especially if your wedding is late and people have to drive home or have been drinking, the coffee bar is cute and practical.

  • Caitlin writes:

    my cousin and her husband had mix CDs of songs that were special to them at every table for their favor. For the cover they put the wedding date and these adorable pictures they had taken in a photo booth. It was probably time consuming for them to make, but it was a cute idea and probably the only favor I still have from a wedding.

  • Sarah writes:

    Chris and I fell in love with each other playing games, so for our wedding favor we provided everyone with a small game (a set of dominoes, a set of jacks,a customized pack of cards, etc). It actually turned out to be really cool, because people that didn’t like to dance or had trouble socializing had an out and were able to break the ice playing a game with someone. Also I have been to a number of my friends houses only to find that they have the favor. Most of those people saved the pack of cards. But it was fun to have people get to know Chris and I a bit better as a couple and to tell our story. Good luck with finding something.

  • Danee writes:

    Personalized m&m’s! (www.mymms.com)

    My husband and I did this at our wedding and one of the guests loved it to much that they did the same thing for theirs! We had pictures of ourselves on some, the date of our wedding, and congrats (or something like that i dont remember). You can customize the colors to match your wedding colors too! They are fun and yummy, but a little expensive.

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