11 May

Wedding Wednesday: What Steps Should Couples Take Together Before Marriage?

I stumbled across this article yesterday which claims that couples should do the following four things before tying the knot:


1) Live Together

2) Babysit

3) Get A Joint Checking Account

4) Take Couple Counseling Classes

And I have to say, I agree!  Travis and I have definitely completed numbers 1-3, and I wouldn’t be at all opposed to doing number 4 (though, I don’t think I’d classify counseling as a requirement for me, pre-marriage.)

I’ve known for years that I would never want to marry someone without living with him first— Travis and I have learned so much about each other and grown so much closer from our years of cohabitation.  And once I started dating Travis and realized that he was almost certainly the man for me, babysitting and finances became much more important to me as well.

Do you have pre-marriage requirements for your relationship?  What do you think about the list above?  Are there other items that you would add?  Tell me in the comments!

{ posted: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 }


Comments: {2}

  • Tina writes:

    We were so blessed to be gifted with free marriage counseling before our big day. While it wasn’t something I felt we NEEDED, it was a good time for us to sit down with someone older and wiser who was able to affirm with us that yes, we were ready to take the plunge.

    Living together is a must! You see a whole other side of someone when you’re picking up their socks, or they’re washing your dishes!

    Babysitting is a great idea!

    Sharing a checking account doesn’t seem necessary unless one of you hasn’t a source of income. I was really glad that we had separate checking accounts when someone stole my identity and bled my checking account of $2,000!

  • Sarah writes:

    We were also blessed to go see a counselor when we were engaged, but didn’t use the time to talk about whether we should get married, but somethings that might come up in our marriage. Chris and I come from similar backgrounds, but from very different families. We talked about how to handle some of those differences in family life and personality. I knew Chris was right for me almost from the beginning, but how to celebrate Christmas and how much time to spend with the in-laws, I wasn’t sure about. :)

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