27 Jul

Wedding Wednesday POLL: What Kind of RSVP-er Are You?

We sent out our invitations a couple of weeks ago, and RSVP’s have been rolling in, slowly but steadily.  Meanwhile, we’ve also received a few wedding invites recently, and it’s got me thinking about how long people wait before they RSVP.


I’m the kind of person who mails out her RSVP card the day after I get the invite in the mail.  This is partly because I’m planning a wedding, and I know that brides feel a sense of relief every time they receive an RSVP, knowing it’s one less person they have to track down after the “due date”.  But I also do it because I know I’ll space it out if I don’t do it right away.

However, I recently read a blog post on Glamour.com, where a reader wrote in wondering if she could change her RSVP.  She mailed in her card right away with a “YES” response, but something came up and she could no longer attend.  This is definitely a risk you run by responding right away, so I can see why some people hold off on RSVPing until closer to the respond-by date.

I’m curious… which category do you fall into?


Are you an immediate responder, or do you wait awhile?  Have you ever wanted to change your response after you sent it in?

P.S.- The sweetest wedding proposal.

{ posted: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 }


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