29 Jun

Wedding Wednesday: Our Proposal Story

I was sifting through old “Wedding Wednesday” posts, and I realized that I never shared our proposal story with you!  I told you about engagement chicken, but a lot happened between the day I cooked the bird and the day the ring was on my finger.  Want to know how it went down?

It was our last week in San Francisco, and we were packing for our move out of the city. After a particularly long week at work, Travis and I went to In ‘n Out for a cheeseburger. When the meal was over, Travis suggested we drive to a nearby mall to wait out the terrible Friday evening traffic in the city.

We “wandered” into a jewelry store to look at rings with no intention of actually purchasing one. But when the woman at the counter slipped the perfect ring onto my finger, Travis and I were both pretty excited.

He told me that he thought we should buy the ring. “But,” he said, “This is not an official proposal. You have to wait for me to give you the ring, and you can’t tell ANYONE that we bought it.”

I burst into tears of joy outside the Wetzel’s Pretzels and agreed anxiously to keep quiet.

We spent the next week trying to pack in a bunch of fun “San Francisco” activities before we moved—picnics at the beach and Dolores Park, romantic dinners— and each time we went out, I was sure he was going to propose. My stomach was in knots, and I was not-so-subtle about being ready to make it official.

We moved to our new place outside the city and I spent the first night unpacking our bedrom. Early the next morning, I felt Travis rustling around next to me in bed. He turned to me in my half-awake state and said, “You forgot to unpack one of the boxes.”  When I rolled over in my hazy state to see what on earth he was talking about, he opened the little box that I had been dying to see for eight long days. He found a way to surprise me, even though I knew the ring was coming… it was truly the best proposal I could’ve asked for.

(right after he proposed)

Married gals: tell me your proposal story!  Unmarried gals: have you envisioned your perfect proposal?  Do you know of any other good proposal stories?  (I love ’em!)  Share in the comments!!

{ posted: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 }


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  • Amber writes:

    Aw… that is the cutest story!

    Here is how Jake proposed to me:
    We were walking through Gottshalks going out of business sale, and walked by the jewelry counter because we wanted to get his mom something for Mothers Day. We had discussed the week before that we would postpone getting engaged, because his twin brother was set to be married in six months, and we didn’t want to take any of their limelight from them.
    Well… at the same time, we both saw “my” ring. And we knew it instantly!! I begged him to get it (not that it took much work). We walked over to the bank, and then he made me sit in the car while he bought it. He wouldn’t even let me look at it again, and he hid it.
    I waited one month. Then two. I was getting restless, and starting to think he was never going to propose, which honestly kind of made me irritated with him. I wanted to see the ring, and I was starting to forget just how beautiful it was.
    Then, I was really stressed at work one week, so I planned a surprise trip to Knotts Berry Farm. When jake got off work that night, I already had the car loaded and I told him to get in, we were leaving to go have a weekend of fun.
    On Sunday morning, around 5am, he slipped the ring (quite painfully since he tried putting it over another ring), onto my finger. I felt it, but didn’t want him to know (I wanted him to actually ask me!! I wanted to hear the words “will you marry me?”). An hour went by and he thought I was still sleeping. Then we talked, but I kept my hand under the blanket. (Hey, if he could drive me nuts for three months, I can drive him crazy for a few hours, right?!?!) I decided I was going to get up to use the restroom, and walked to the restroom. Jake freaked out thinking I was going to lose it. “Did you check your hand?!” he hollered. “yep.” “and…??” he said… “and what?” i replied. (He thought I had lost it). I walked back in and he was tearing the bed apart. I took off the ring and handed it to him, and told him he had to ask me. He said “i know it is a yes.” and put it back on my finger… not quite the asking I wanted… but eh, that is how it happened.

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