15 Jun

Wedding Wednesday: Crunch Time

I can’t believe it, but the wedding is just three months away!  And I’m suddenly feeling super stressed!

The big things are in place, but it’s amazing how much time and energy it takes to round up and execute every little detail.  When did I decide that a DIY wedding was the way to go?  And why didn’t you all tell me how INSANE I am for doing it that way?!

I kid… mostly.  For now, I’m fantasizing about my honeymoon nonstop in an effort to relax.  We’re headed to Maui a couple days after the wedding, and these pictures are making me want to get over there, pronto!




Doesn’t it look so relaxing…?

Married gals: Got any tips for dealing with pre-wedding stress?!  Unmarried gals: Ever been to Maui?  What should we see/do/eat while we’re there??

{ posted: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 }


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  • Andrea writes:

    Kim!! The good news is a wedding is like having a baby – you won’t remember all the stressful times, but you will reflect on the beautiful, amazing day you’ll have with Travis fir the rest of your life. And remember it’s all little details anyway … everything will come together no matter what – that’s the way you roll. As for Maui, it’s amazing and I have some good eating spots, but it’s too early for me to remember! Will think about it and email you…something with the name “pineapple” in it!

  • Sarah writes:

    Kim, my advice is don’t think about everything at once. Write a list and complete things one item at a time, so that you aren’t constantly thinking about everything at once. Ask for help. So many people want to support you on your big day, and their support can come in the form of making seating cards, or decorations (basically whatever you need). Lastly, focus on what is important, which to me was, at the end of the day I was married to Chris, my husband. Everything else will pan out. And it did! My wedding day, was one of the least stressful days of my life. :)

  • Sirleen writes:

    You’ll have to make sure to go see your Great Uncle Joe at his shop in Wailuku while you’re there. Here’s a link with information.


  • kaila writes:

    You HAVE to go do the hike through the bamboo forest! You have a pic here of it! It is so worth the long drive, amazing!!!

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