20 Oct

Wedding Wednesday: A Big, Fun Announcement!

I know I teased you all yesterday, but the wait is over!  I have been holding in this news for weeks now and I finally get to spill the beans…


As many of you know by now, my dream is to write for Glamour Magazine.  I have loved them for years, and I am so completely honored to say that I get to be a part of one of their upcoming issues!

I won’t be writing for them—yet!—I’ll be modeling!  In just two weeks, I’ll be flying out to New York City and participating in a bridal makeover-type photo shoot.

Of course, I’ll document my entire journey for the blog, and I’ll be sure to let you know when the mag hits stands!

Do you have a dream job that you’re working for?  Have you been to New York?  Any tips on what I should see/do in the short time that I’m there? Share in the comments!

{ posted: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 }


Comments: {14}

  • kaila writes:

    Wow Kim, that is awesome! I am so jealous! How did this come about!? Sooooooo cool!!

  • Noel writes:

    What exciting news, Kim! I have always wanted to go to New York, but haven’t made the trip yet. Have fun! I’m super excited for you!!

  • amber writes:

    Oh wow!! That is super exciting!! You should leave some cards that reference your awesome writing skills (referring to ur blog) and maybe you will get a writing job too…

  • amy writes:

    wwooooooooh hoooooooooooo!

  • Sirleen writes:

    OMG!! That is so wonderful Kim!!

    You’ll have to let us know when the issue comes out so we can buy several and brag to our friends.

    I don’t know how you kept it a secret…

    It’ll be interesting to see your “before” and “after” photos. I’m sure you’ll have hair and make-up done by real experts.

  • KC writes:

    Congrats, Kim! That is so very exciting! How did you find out about this?

  • Mary writes:

    Yay Kim! So exciting! I love that magazine. :)

  • Maisha writes:

    Wow Kim, that’s so exciting!! I agree that you should bring cards and talk up your blog. :) Congrats on being one step closer to landing your dream job!

  • Briana writes:

    KIM! That is so cool!!! Congratulations!!!! OK here is my tip…go to Serendipity and get a frozen hot chocolate. Yummm. It’s pretty touristy, but hell! You’ll be a tourist! And it is soooo good :)

  • Reiley writes:

    KIM!! this is amazing! i can’t wait to read all about your journey and experience!! good luck!

  • Sarah writes:

    That is so cool Kim! You are going to have so much fun! Enjoy it and live it up! How were you chosen? Congrats!

  • Mariposa writes:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Sounds like a dream come true +plus+ *** Hope it is all perfectly wonderful in every way! Does Travis get to go along with you? With Love and Blessings, m}i{

  • Stephanie K writes:

    Woohoo!! That’s friggin’ awesome! Hope you and Travy have a great (and safe!) time in NY and enjoy getting the star treatment ;D


  • susan Helgeson writes:

    Great news Kim, you will be an amazing gorgeous bride.Have fun with the photo shoot!

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