27 Jan

Six Months Old!

How did this happen?  There is no way that my baby girl is half a year old already, right?!

This month I’m feeling SUPER nostalgic for my bitty baby and both excited by and sad to see my daughter turning into her own independent person.  In the past couple weeks, all traces of my newborn have been erased and replaced by a silly, sweet, opinionated little girl who is learning new things every day!

We are on the cusp of a lot of new things in our house.  Hazel is just starting to eat food (we are trying Baby Led Weaning… anyone had success with it?)  She is sitting up confidently on her own and wants to play that way more and more.  She takes baths in the tub by herself now (thanks to an awesome bath ring we found on Amazon.)  She played in the swing at the park for the first time.  And she’s starting to understand the sign language we’ve been using with her (and I SWEAR she is starting to make the sign for “milk”, but I could be crazy).

We are also considering sleep training, which I swore I would NEVER do.  But this girl is up every 1-3 hours all night long and I am losing my mind.  I’m still considering the different options and hoping we find a gentle solution that will work for our family.

As sad as I am to say goodbye to my tiny babe, I am super excited for what the second half of this first year will bring.  It’s hard to believe that she’ll ever be more fun than she is now, but I know that it’s only just begun…

{ posted: Monday, January 27, 2014 }


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