17 Jul

Retro Fashion Inspiration

I often look back at the clothes of the past with more than a little envy.  Where nowadays could you wear a pouffy skirt or a full-blown fascinator without feeling like you’re dressing up for Halloween?

If you crave an old school look, you can easily incorporate it into your modern wardrobe by choosing shapes and prints that have a retro feel…

If you love the 40’s wear: cardigans and peep-toes. The reason our grandmothers still wear cardigans is because they looked so hot in them back in the 40’s. There are all kinds of skin-tight button-downs out there, which will cover your shoulders if you want to be decent, and unbutton to any length if you don’t want to be.  Pair your favorite cardigan with some peep toes to give your look a flirty, 40’s feel without being over-the-top.

If you love the 50’s try: Americana. The themes that were popular mid-century have now boiled down to their simplest form today. You can wear stars and stripes to reflect this patriotic look. Or just grab something with polka dots— any colors will do, but navy, red, and black are especially retro.

If you love the 60’s think: Factory Girls. 60’s style looks pretty classy to us now, but at the time, high socks and short skirts were not what teenager’s parents wanted them wearing.  Infuse this style into your look by rocking skirts that sit at your natural waist or over-the-knee socks.

If you love the 70’s remember: Groove is in the Heart. For 70’s inspiration, all you need to know is that the Charlie’s Angels and disco did a lot for the fashion industry of the time. Embrace pleats and offbeat shapes like one-shoulder dresses that are still short enough to be sexy. In fact, unless you have a power ones pantsuit, keep it all as short as you can to stay 70’s!

If you love the 80’s embrace: punk rock. Studs have never really gone away since the advent of punk rock and neither has the cool factor of a leather jacket.  Bonus: neon shades are super hot this summer— don’t hesitate to rock a neon top with your moto jacket for a cool 80’s look.

Are you inspired by old school fashion?  Which decade is your fave?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

{ posted: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 }


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  • Michelle Anna writes:

    Great picks! I’m loving the dress with the stripes!

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