29 Jul

POLL: When Did You Last Dye Your Hair?

I found this photo of Lauren Conrad yesterday, and I couldn’t stop looking at her hair!


You’ll notice that her roots are a darky, dusty blonde, while her tips are super light.  The thing I like about this style is that it’s a new take on the “dipped tip” look.  In other words, you can’t see a defined line where her stylist bleached the ends.  Instead, it slowly fades from dark to light, and some of the under-strands are super light from root to tip.  (As an aside, I also love her nail color in this photo!)

I used to be obsessed with hair color— I’ve dyed my hair just about every color imaginable.  I’ve mellowed out big time in the past few years after my teenage hair was ravaged by bleach, but seeing photos like this make me miss the freedom of trying new colors!  (It also makes me super excited to start cosmetology school, so I can do it to others!)

I haven’t dyed my hair in months and months, but I’m suddenly getting the urge… what about you?



How did you answer the poll?  When you last dyed your hair did you get highlights, lowlights, a full dye job, or something else?  What’s the wildest color you’ve ever tried (mine has been pink!)  Bonus points for sending photos to kim@blendingbeautiful.com!!

{ posted: Thursday, July 29, 2010 }


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  • Michelle Anna writes:

    I never dyed my hair because it’s expensive, high maintenance, and I don’t want to risk hating the final result. I’ve used colorful extensions in college: red, purple, and event blue! But now, I’ve been wanting to dye it. I’m a brunette and I’m getting the urge to dye it black.

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