9 Apr

POLL: How organized is your closet?

I did a big load of laundry last week, and as I was putting all of our clothes away, I realized that Travis and I have let our closet go.  When we moved into our little San Francisco apartment, the walk-in closet was a huge selling point.

I wish my closet looked like this… photo courtesy of closet factory

Unfortunately, the lack of storage elsewhere in our house means that our bedroom closet stores more than just clothes.  There was a time (before I shared a closet with a boy) when I had my clothes arranged by color.  Then I switched it up and arranged them by type (dresses, coats, jeans, etc…)  Today… I’m just lucky if I get everything hung up in there!

Since the weather in California is always pretty moderate, I don’t have winter coats and summer dresses stowed away in “off seasons,” which definitely contributes to the craziness.

So I have to know… are any of you in the same boat or do I need to get it together and get organized?

Do you keep your closet super organized, or is it more of a free-for-all, like mine?  Do you transition your closet from Winter to Summer clothes?  Do you have a separate closet for one specific item (like shoes!)?  Discuss below!

{ posted: Friday, April 9, 2010 }


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  • Tina writes:

    I hear ya! For me, transitioning from a walk-in closet from my house on the westside to a small rack in ryan’s hostess truck, I had to let a lot of clothes go! Luckily we have more space now, but we still have to share one relatively small closet. We’ve had to get very creative with storage. Ryan built a shelf in our living room to hold towels and sheets, which we hide with decorative fabric. Also, we really take advantage of under-the-bed storage. We have flat tupperware containers to store bulky items like sweaters that we rarely wear in the summer, as well as extra blankets. Even so, our closet is pretty jam packed! The best thing you can do is purge and pass on some clothes to a friend (that way you can still enjoy them!).

  • Meghan writes:

    The solution to all my storage problems:


  • Michelle Anna writes:

    My father, who’s a contractor, built an organizer similar to the one pictured. I split my closet in half – one side has shoes/bags/accessories and the other side has four quadrants (coacts/jackets, dresses, casual wear, and work clothes). I couldn’t be happier!!

  • JR writes:

    I really need an organizer in my closet. Right now, I just have shirts, dresses, skirts and suits hanging by style (ie for shirts- sleeveless, short sleeve, tube top) and it’s pretty crammed. Thankfully, I don’t have to share a closet with my husband!

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