23 Aug

POLL: How Often Do You Get Rid Of Unworn Clothing?

Travis and I have decided to move before the wedding (yes, we know it’s crazy…) which means that I am in packing mode.  It also means that I’m in “throw it out or donate it if we haven’t used it in a year” mode.


That is, indeed, my motto for most items.  If I haven’t worn it, used it, or missed it for a year or more, my life is probably just fine without it.  Needless to say, every time we move there is a huge box (or 3) headed to Goodwill.

I have friends, though, who hang onto stuff forever— especially clothing— in the off chance that they might need it somewhere down the line.  Even if they already have another item that looks just like it.  Even if they haven’t worn it since high school.  Even if they subconsciously know that they will never squeeze into it again.

I’m not judging… these friends always have the perfect thing to wear, when I’m often scrambling to throw an outfit together.

So I’m curious which category you fall into, lovely readers.


Do you get a little over-zealous and donate your outfits away?  Do you hang on to clothes well past its “best-by” date?  Or have you found a happy medium?  Share in the comments!

{ posted: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 }


Comments: {4}

  • Tina writes:

    Before making the trip to goodwill, I always let my girlfriends rifle through the bags. I feel a lot better about getting rid of a cute item if I know I’ll see it again on someone else!

  • Noel writes:

    I have a bag in my closet that I regularly toss unworn items in and take to the Goodwill about every three months. I recently made my husband go through his clothes. It must have been the first time he has done that since college because we had trashbags full of old t-shirts we donated.

  • Nichole writes:

    I go through mine about once a year, but I also try to hang onto a few items I don’t really need or want if they will work good for costumes. :)

  • Mariposa writes:

    Embarrassing to admit, I don’t go thru closets very often. I really would like to do a big purge, and then stay on top of it; BUT I don’t have the time it will take to do it right. I haven’t move in more than two decades, & we have lots of storage, so I haven’t been forced to do it. I really like Noel’s suggestion, a little at a time doesn’t let it build up.

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