11 May

POLL: How much do you pay to get a haircut?

I got a much-needed hair trim yesterday at a super cute and trendy salon in downtown San Francisco, called Blow.  (If you’re in the area, I definitely recommend them!)  However, with my budget, I can’t actually afford to get my hair cut there.  So how much moola did I throw down to get my hair done?

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Okay, technically I paid a little bit (I had to tip the woman, for goodness sakes!), but thanks to Craigslist, the cut itself was f-r-e-e!  Since I moved to San Francisco two years ago, I have paid very little for cuts and color.  With the abundance of salons, there is always someone offering free (or super cheap) services at often very fancy places.

The downside, of course, is that I don’t have a regular stylist and I never really know how my look will turn out.  But it’s hair— it will always grow back, after all!

What about you lovely ladies?

How much do you pay to get your hair cut?  What about color?  Do you have one stylist that you go to religiously, or do you jump around like me?  Ever scored a great Craigslist deal?

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{ posted: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 }


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  • Michelle Anna writes:

    I used to pay over $100 for a hair cut, but luckily I found this really sweet place that only charges $25 (because I have really, really long hair). The hair dressers are nicer and have a better sense of style too!!!

  • Marina writes:

    I pay $22 to get my hair cut, and I always go to the same lady. I can’t justify paying more than $40 to get my hair cut, unless it’s a major change. Coloring, highlighting, etc. is different and I would pay much more for that. But I have yet to see a $100 haircut that’s worth the steep price.

  • Sara writes:

    I think I usually pay somewhere around $80 for a cut and highlights. This may or may not be the reason why I have some pretty intense split ends and dark roots for like 9 months of the year. I also never get my hair cut up here, so my only options are over holidays while I’m home.

  • Tina writes:

    go to my friend RELIGIOUSLY because I always leave feeling like a supermodel. and she’s not too steep, $45 for women’s cuts. and she is willing to trade services, which is always nice. pretty sweet deal!

  • Michelle writes:

    I avoid haircuts at all cost! If I’m spending more than $25 I am not a happy camper, and that $25 better rid me of every split end I have! I try to trim my own hair as much as possible, and travel approximately 2 hours out of the city when I do feel like I need a haircut from my trusted stylist (which is maybe once or twice a year).

  • Noel writes:

    I get my hair trimmed at least every three months so I usually try to spend right at $20 because the cost adds up over time. Hair color is a different story. If I am going darker I do the color myself so it only costs about $8, but when I get highlights done (which is about once a year), it costs closer to $100.

  • Nina writes:

    My stylist is my friend who is also conveniently my housemate! I don’t trust anyone else with my hair and she often lets me pay her with food. =)

  • Terra writes:

    I have not actually had just a haircut in a while. I get my hair trimmed and highlighted every 2-3 months from a professional woman, who is also a friend. She also works at a salon, but does side business as well, and I have been going to her for years. Although we are friends, I do not believe that she charges independent clients (friends or not) very much-I pay around $65 for the trim and highlights (not including tip), and she comes to my house-so convenient! She is the best, and knows exactly what myself, my sister, and my mom, want. She has also done several of my friends hair for the same price and does a fantastic job. Great find on Craigslist Kim, that’s an awesome tip just in case she or I ever move =)

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