14 May

POLL: How Do You Feel About Having A Male Masseuse?

Happy Monday, my sweets!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  To celebrate Mother’s Day, I booked an afternoon at the spa for myself and my mom— complete with champagne, massages, and big jacuzzi tubs.  Everything about the day was perfect, except for one thing: I had a male masseuse.


I’ve had my fair share of massages over the past ten years, and I always make sure to request a woman because that’s what I’m used to.  There must have been a hiccup in communication at the spa yesterday because in walked a 20-something man to take me into the massage room.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being massaged by a man, but for me personally, I became very aware of the fact that I was practically naked in a dimly lit room with a guy that wasn’t my husband.  It just felt… wrong.  The masseuse was very professional and totally great at his job, but I was never fully able to relax— such a bummer!

I’m curious how you ladies feel about this, and if you think that being married makes a difference.

Would you get a massage from a male masseuse?  Does it make a difference if you’re married or single?  Do any of you prefer to be massaged by a man?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

{ posted: Monday, May 14, 2012 }


Comments: {6}

  • Sara writes:

    Since my sister runs a massage school, I’ve certainly had my fair share of massages and I have to say, I sometimes prefer a male massage therapist. I definitely don’t feel any different around them, but sometimes they can be a little stronger, which I prefer.

  • Cathy writes:

    One of my brothers is a massage therapist (underemployed, at the moment) and he gives ggrreat massages and back rubs. My other brother actually gives great back rubs, too. And my daughter is pretty awesome. Having any of them rub me up is fantastic! Unfortunately for me, none of them live close to me and my husband’s back rubs are pretty tepid, at best.

    But I agree with Kim that it would be hard for me to moan and groan and ooh and aah with a male masseuse I hadn’t met before, and that I would therefore enjoy the massage less. But I don’t think it has to do with being married… married or not, it’s more about being uncomfortable in a situation with inherent sexual overtones (naked, with a man rubbing his oiled-up hands all over you!) when you would prefer a massage with no sexual tension. (Even when you know it’s all in your head and the guy isn’t interested in you at ALL!)

    Also, at my age, I am pretty self-conscious about ANYBODY under the age of 45 viewing my naked bod! I want an OLD masseuse!

  • Sara writes:

    Being a massage therapist myself I can say that I’ve had plenty of massages myself by men. I’m single but even if I were married I wouldn’t have an issue with it. I can see where some people are coming from though and believe that sometimes I can relax more if its a female MT. But I’m not picky when it comes to who’s giving it because I LOVE massages and am badly overdue for one. :)

  • Tina writes:

    I feel ya, Kim. While I’m pretty comfortable with nudity, I find it easier to relax with a female masseuse…particularly if it’s one I know, because then we can gab the whole time :)

  • Michelle Anna writes:

    I can definitely see where you are coming from, but I’ve actually had more negative experiences with a female over a male. Female masseuses push the envelope and assume you are comfortable with flipping over with them standing over you and touch you a little too close to comfort. Whereas a male masseuse has to be extra careful and makes sure that you are comfortable. If it’s about comfort, then definitely have a female massuese next time..but if you think about it, men prefer females over males…so why should it be wrong if women choose males..

  • Nina writes:

    For Christmas last year Gabi got me a massage and jacuzzi package, and my masseur ended up being a guy as well. He was very professional, but I also wasn’t able to fully relax.

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