A Techy Girl’s Dream…

I hope you all had a lovely weekend (and that it wasn’t as rainy in your neck of the woods as it has been here!)  Travis came home after work on Friday with the best surprise ever: two new iPad 2’s, courtesy of his super-awesome boss!

Needless to say, I have been GLUED to my new toy all weekend, and I thought I’d compile a list of must-haves for you other iPad owners (or for those of you who are considering one).  I’d also love any tips from those of you who are more familiar…

Here are the items at the top of my list:

-An awesome case. I have the cover from Apple, but it doesn’t protect the entire device (just the screen), so I’m definitely going to invest in a case that I can store my iPad in when I’m carrying it around town.  I love the one above from Joe V Leather!

-A screen protector. These are great for keeping your screen scratch and smudge free.  (Get ‘em here.)

-Flipbook. Travis’ boss turned us onto this app, and I can’t imagine reading blogs without it!  You can load all of your favorite sites into one place and flip through them like your very own, customized online magazine!

-Instagram. This fun app allows you to upload, edit, and share photos with friends and strangers alike.  It’s a super fun way to document your adventures (even the little ones).

-iBooks. This app comes on the device, but is totally worth using!  I downloaded Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” right away, and I’ve been reading it all weekend.  (I really recommend it, by the way— hilarious!)

What’s your favorite techy gadget?  Do you own an iPad?  Got any good recommendations for apps or accessories?  Tried any of the ones I mentioned above? Tell me about it in the comments!


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Let’s End The Week With A Game! Would You Rather…

I’m going to pretend that it’s not RAINING IN JUNE and celebrate the end of the week with a new edition of our favorite game!  It’s time for Would You Rather: Relationship Edition!




How’d you answer the questions above?  Were any of them particularly easy or difficult for you?  And what are you up to this weekend?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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Your Questions, Answered: Help Me Find A Bridesmaid Dress!

Today I’m answering a question sent in from a reader, just like you!  Camille writes…

Help! I have to be the maid of honor in my sister’s wedding this summer. She’s not having bridesmaids, so I have a lot of flexibility in terms of the color and style. She wanted something knee length in a solid color, maybe in a blush color but as dark as a wine shade.  I have a pretty athletic frame, with my upper body wider than my lower. I still want to look feminine though!  I’ve been searching everywhere and have had no luck…any ideas?

At first, the idea of having pretty free reign when it comes to picking a dress seems great, but it can also make it really easy to get overwhelmed!

With an athletic frame, Camille can wear many different styles (lucky girl!), but I’d stay away from halter necklines, which can make anyone look broader and boxy on top.  Fortunately, I’ve found some options that just might work (bonus: they’re all under $250!)…

I love this dress ($235 from J.Crew) both for its simplicity and elegance.  The dusty pink gives it a very girly vibe, and paired with a great statement necklace or look-at-me earrings (choose one, not both!), it could be a total standout.

This one-shouldered dress has a little extra volume on the bottom, which can help to balance out an athletic frame.  Get it at Nordstrom for $138.

Also from Nordstrom, this strapless chiffon number ($158) would look great out on the dance floor!

A more rustic choice, this frock from Ann Taylor Loft is not only cute, it’s a steal at just $89.50!

And if none of these are quite right, see if you have a Bella Bridesmaids near you— they’ve got tons of gorgeous, unique dresses.

Good luck in your search, Camille!  I’d love to see a photo of whatever dress you end up choosing!

Which of these dresses do you like best for Camille?  Do you have any suggestions of your own?  Have you ever had free reign choosing a bridesmaid dress?  Did it make it easier or more difficult to select one?  Tell me what you think in the comments!


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Wedding Wednesday: Perfume For Your Wedding Day

Have you heard of the wedding perfume tradition??  Because I’m really excited about it!  Here’s how it works:

You and your fiance each pick out a new fragrance and set it aside until your wedding.  Then, you put in on for your wedding day and honeymoon, then stash it somewhere safe.  Each yeah on your anniversary, you put on the fragrance and the smell will remind you of newly-wedded bliss!

Pretty cool, right?  Smell is so tied into emotion and memory, and I can’t wait to have a fun tradition to look forward to each year!

I picked out “Laugh With Me LeeLee” by Benefit, which I love!  (I mean, it comes in a mini martini shaker!) I can’t wait to wear it, and I’m really excited to have a special anniversary tradition with Travis.

Have you heard of this wedding perfume tradition?  Would you try it?  Do you know anyone whose done this (or something similar)?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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My New Favorite Polish For Summer!

Hey there, lovely readers!  How was your holiday weekend??

Travis and I spent all day yesterday roaming the city and enjoying a sunny day off. And on Sunday, I discovered an awesome new nail polish that I’ve been so excited to share with you!

This polish is called “Mint Sorbet” by Sally Hansen and it was only $2.50!  It has held up really well for the past couple of days.  (I’m notorious for chipping my polish hours after I apply it, but this stuff dried fast and has been chip-free since I put on mid-Sunday.)

Want to see how it looks?

It’s definitely bold, but you all know by now how much I love bold polish!

What do you think of “Mint Sorbet”?  Got any other fun polish shades that you’re busting out for Summertime?  And how did you celebrate the holiday weekend??


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