Two Weeks With Hazel

I can’t believe it, but somehow Hazel is two and a half weeks old today!  Time is speeding by… she’s already over ten pounds and really starting to show us her personality.  Trav and I could not be more sleep deprived, but we could also not be any happier.

We made this little video of a day in the life of our sweet girl.  Wanna see?


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The Peaceful Home Birth of Hazel Mae

I’ve been getting lots of requests for my birth story and I’m so excited to finally share it with you all today!  I am equally as excited to show you some of our birth photos, taken by Susannah Gill Photographic Storytelling.  Susannah rushed to our birth after spending an entire day photographing a wedding and stayed with us for nearly 12 hours through the night to capture this special moment… what an amazing gift!

Want all the details?



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Maternity Photos

Ok, I was HOPING to have my birth story ready to share today, but I’ve decided to save it for next week because I have some amazing birth photos to post with the story and they’re not QUITE ready.  I promise it’s worth the wait… our birth was shot by the ever-talented Susannah Gill who did our One More Time wedding shoot last Fall.

I’m not leaving you empty handed, though.  Today, I’m excited to showcase another little slice of Susannah’s work with you: our maternity photos!  I was 34 weeks pregnant during our shoot and we had SUCH a great time.  She and her husband, Greg, came up to the city to do lifestyle photos of us.  We wandered around some of our favorite spots in the neighborhood— it was so wonderfully relaxed and fun!

This is just a sneak peek.  Check out the rest of our shoot (with bigger photos and a beautiful video!) by visiting Susannah’s blog.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and make sure to stop by early next week for the full birth story!


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Introducing Our New Addition

Sweet readers, I’m so excited to announce the arrival of our sweet daughter, Hazel Mae! She was born at home on Sunday morning, July 21st, weighing 8 lbs. 12 ounces and measuring 22.5 inches long (our big girl!!)

We are in absolute heaven… I can’t wait to share her birth story with you all. For now, we’re snuggled into bed and soaking up every little ounce of each other.

If you’d like some fun photo updates in between posts, make sure to follow me on Instagram.



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39 Weeks

My due date is SIX DAYS away… how is that possible?!  We can no longer count in weeks!  The end of pregnancy has amazingly been the best part.  I expected to feel uncomfortable and impatient and just generally awful, but it hasn’t been the case for the most part.  That being said, I am definitely ready to meet our girl!  These past few days have been full of little teasing labor symptoms that have turned into nothing.  (I was feeling especially yucky during this photo session, so apologies for the less-than-cute pics.)  Fingers crossed that my next update involves baby photos instead of another chalkboard/bump :)

How far along? 39 Weeks
Baby is the size of: A watermelon
Total weight gain: 27 pounds
Gender: It’s a girl!
Name: I’m excited to share her name on the blog once she arrives :)
Maternity Clothes: some of my maternity tops are starting to get short… I have to check and make sure the bottom of my belly isn’t popping out as I go about my day (it usually is).
Stretch marks? I’ve got some little white ones around my belly button, but they’re not bad and hard to see in most light.
Sleep: Most nights I’m up at least an hour or so… it’s only the beginning, I know.
Movement: She’s still very active.  Check out the video at the bottom for an example!
Best moment this week: We had a lovely BBQ over the weekend with some families from our child birth class.  It was really nice to visit with everyone and enjoy the sun :)
Miss Anything: I can’t wait to sleep in whatever position I’d like to.  And to be able to get out of bed without help, haha.
Belly button in or out? The top is popping out, but the bottom is flat.
Food cravings: Summer fruit
Anything making you queasy or sick: Definitely had a few queasy days this week— yesterday was especially bad
Labor Signs: Definitely starting to get signs of labor, but so far nothing has stuck.  Hopefully it means that baby girl will be making an appearance sooner rather than later, though!
Symptoms: Lots of pressure and achiness.  And the lovely swelling.
Wedding ring on or off? Off :(  I’m officially wearing my ring on a chain around my neck.  I have a fake wedding ring that I got at Target, which is a size bigger… I have to wear something on my ring finger or I freak out that I’ve lost my ring.
Happy or Moody most of the time: I’ve been really relaxed and feeling happy!  No matter what, I know we’ll be meeting our little lady soon… so exciting!!
Looking forward to: The big day, whenever that is!


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