17 May

Let’s Get To Know Each Other: How’d You Meet Your Significant Other?

I stumbled onto this crazy story yesterday, recounting the way a couple from different sides of the world met each other and ended up falling in love.  Stories like this are always so fun to hear, but even regular ‘ol how-we-met stories are cool too.

Travis and I shortly after we started dating…

That’s one thing that I wish Travis and I had… but the truth is, I have no memory of when we first met.  All I know is that I was about fourteen and we were in a high school theatre class together.  But there are no concrete memories of our first chat or what I was wearing or anything.

I do remember the day we were re-connected a few years later… a mutual friend (who’s now one of my bridesmaids!) invited us both to a play she was directing, and even though we were both dating other people at the time, we spent the Summer hanging out as friends and chatting about our Summer flings.  By the end of August, both of the flings had fizzled and before I knew it, our friendship turned into more. (Just a few months after that, I called another one of my now-bridesmaids to announce that I planned on marrying Travis on September 17th, 2011… my plan turned out pretty darn well!)

There’s our story… now share yours!

How’d you meet your significant other?  How long after you met did you start dating?  Tell me (and the other readers) about it in the comments!!

{ posted: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 }


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  • Michelle Anna writes:

    When I tell people I met my boyfriend on the street they laugh at me. But it’s true. I really did meet him on the street. Hahahaha

    My girls and I were on our way to a bar to celebrate our friend’s birthday when I stopped into a bakery. On the way out, my boyfriend was sitting outside with his friends, “Have a good night,” he said to me. I teased him and asked, “What? Aren’t you coming?” Then he asked me my name, but all I said was “Come find out.” I didn’t expect him to follow me, but he did. He closed down the bakery (which he’s the owner of) and followed me right into the bar.

    I didn’t think much of it. In fact, I gave him a hard time because I thought he did this routine often. It wasn’t until we started dating when I found out his side of the story. Apparently, his cousin dared him to speak to one of us girls. To show them off, he picked me to talk to. He claims I was the prettiest one and they all said I would ignore him. But to prove them wrong, he bet his friends that I would answer back.

    I was a little annoyed at his self-confidence, but good thing he did what he did. We had the most perfect first date and so far 9 great months together!

  • Laina writes:

    I met my boyfriend while living in a hippie-eco community in India. He’s German, and when he had to go back to Germany for school my Indian visa was just about to run out so I decided to go with him. Now I’m living with him in Germany. Never thought I would end up here but sometimes you just have to follow your heart and see what happens! :)

  • Noel writes:

    I met my husband in college. Funny thing is, his mom forced him to go to school there when he really didn’t want to (he credits her for meeting me). The first time I saw him was an 8am class on Sexuality and Nationalism. We spent the next year chatting every day. It wasn’t until I graduated and we spent the entire summer together that we started dating. When he proposed, he took me back to the classroom where we first met. I always thought it was funny to know now that I was sitting across from my future husband for over a year without knowing.

  • Sarah writes:

    I met my husband at church. He walked in one day, and I leaned over to a friend and said, “Who is that!?” She said, “Chris Pope,” as if that settled it. The funny thing is, it kind of did for me. I knew all of Chris’ family before I met him (4 siblings and his mom and dad), so I knew he must be a good guy. I was planning on leaving the country for 2 years in August (we met in June), but had a sudden change of heart after we started talking and hanging out. The trip didn’t feel right any more. I asked him out on our first date, by causally asking him to a cello/piano concert, saying, “My boss just gave me these tickets and the concert is tomorrow, and I don’t really have anyone to go with would you like to come.” (All of which was true) As cool as anyone could possibly be, he said, ” Yes, and Iet’s go to dinner first, on me.” I rambled into the phone, “Really!?” He laughed and said yes! But I didn’t fall completely in love, until we played a game of chess, where he destroyed me ( I am super competitive and would normally be upset, but I didn’t care at all that he kicked my trash…). He reached across the chess board grabbed my hand, walked me outside his home, and under the moonlight, said, “You gave a valiant effort, I think this loser deserves a kiss.” He wrapped his arms around me and gave me our first kiss. I was hooked. :)

  • Sara writes:

    I had recently gone through a bad breakup and my sister knew this guy that she said I had to meet! His dad is my sisters boss, and he also works at the same company with them. So one night I meet her out at the bar and he was there! He caught my interest almost right away and then about 4 months later we were together! :) Now almost a year later we have our own house together! Gotta thank my sis for setting this one up..

  • Stefany writes:

    Hm well actually, I met my boyfriend during lunch at school. One of my best friends had actually had a major crush on him for about 6 months but he had never paid attention to her. After one silly lunch of laughing and hanging out, we actually became really good friends.

    For about two months he tried to persuade me to be more, but I turned h down as a courtesy to the friend but after those two months the friend decided I was “out to get her” by even speaking to this boy, and she de-friended me in front of the whole caff, at school.

    After that incident, it was kind of obvious as to my choice n relation to him. We have now been dating for 8 months, and happy as ever. At the time I was in 11th grade and he was in 12th, now he has graduated and I’m going into my final year! Sometimes good things come out of bad situations.

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