8 Feb

Let's get steamy…

One of my favorite parts of a facial is that awesome steam machine they use to keep your skin dewey and open your pores. Unfortunately— even with a cousin who is an awesome esthetician— I can’t afford to get facials on a regular basis.  So this weekend I discovered a great at-home alternative!  And it’s so easy!

Not only did this make my skin feel super clean, but it smelled amazing.  I didn’t want to leave my steam tent!

Try this at night to help get rid of the dirt that accumulates in your pores all day.  Or use it as a great start to an at-home facial! (It’s also a great at-home cold remedy… I was super sick this weekend, and this helped to clear my sinuses!)

Try it out and let me know how it goes!  What other at-home recipes do you have for your skin?  And what’s your favorite part of a facial?

{ posted: Monday, February 8, 2010 }


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  • Lillian writes:

    Another thing that is great about this is that you can modify it for when you have a cold and feel all stuffed up. Just use some eucalyptus oil instead of a tea bag (or you can use both!) which really helps to open up your sinuses.

  • Kimberly writes:

    It’s funny you say that, Lillian, because part of the reason I chose this was because I had a terrible cold over the weekend. It really did feel AMAZING on my sinuses!

  • Antonia writes:

    What would you recommend for combination skin?

  • Kimberly writes:

    That’s a great question… the first thought that comes to mind is to use one chamomile and one peppermint. Regardless of your skin type, the main benefit of this is the steam, which will open up your pores. If you’ve found a great lotion for your skin type, I’d do the steam and then put on the lotion afterward. Your pores will be open and the lotion will hold in the moisture.

  • rachel writes:

    just a little tid bit: its a good idea to use a gentle toner following your steaming–your pores stay open for a while afterward and although you do want the benefits of your serums and moisturizers….its like leaving your skin naked and vulnerable for anything and everything to come clog your pores up again!! try and find something with minimal to no alcohol…you dont want to strip good oils away..so dont go to harsh, even if your overly oily, remember your body produces oil for a reason…taking it ALL away will tell the oil glands to produce, produce, produce! Balance is the key! :)

  • Kimberly writes:

    thanks, rach! everyone… this is my awesome esthetician cousin i was telling you about! :)

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