16 Jul

How To: An Updo That Works on Short and Long Hair!

Reader Megan wrote to me the other day asking for help with an updo she’s been seeing on the red carpet:

I have been seeing these really cute side-swept, loosely curled bun-type hairdos in magazines on celebrities like Lauren Conrad lately, and I think they are so cute. But I have no idea how to do one! I think it’s a really cute “updo” for short hair (with how short my hair is now, I don’t have many options), but after a couple of trials, I just can’t seem to figure out how to do it… How do you pull this look off with shorter hair?

And she sent me the following photos as inspiration:

Without photos of the back, there’s no way to know exactly what’s going on here, but I’ve got a version of this look that can be modified easily for short hair.

Step 1: Make a clean side part.  Then, curl your hair from the earlobe down.  You want the top of your hair to be super sleek and straight, but by adding curl to the bottom, you’ll be able to pull off this look more easily.  (Don’t worry if your hair is more ringlet-y than wavy… it won’t matter for this style.)

Step 2: Separate the top of your hair from the bottom and clip the top layers out of the way.  Then, take 1 to 2 inch strands of hair and twist them one at a time, pinning them against your head as you go.  Leave a little wisp of hair out of the bobby pin to achieve a messier look.  Also, make sure you’re pinning them low and toward one side of your head.  (Even short haired girls should be able to do this!)

Step 3: Once you’ve twisted and pinned your lower layers, let the rest of your hair down and repeat this process on top.  (Make sure to keep your bangs and the top of your hair smooth!  We want a contrast between the smoothness on top and the messy twists below.)

Step 4: Once you’re done, spritz the “bun” with hair spray and run some shine serum through your roots.  All done!

Here’s the view from the back and the front.  Even though the hair is all concentrated to one side, you can still see how it twists on the other side.  This helps to keep the style interesting from all angles, and it will keep short hair from falling out!

What do you ladies think of this look?  Have you ever tried a twisty updo like this one before?  Do you have a question of your own?  Email me: kim@blendingbeautiful.com! (And have a fabulous weekend!)

{ posted: Friday, July 16, 2010 }


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  • Michelle Anna writes:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I have a wedding to go to this weekend. I don’t want my ahir to be in a crazy complicated up do, but it needs to be away from my face because of the style of the dress. I think I’m going to bring these pics to the hair dresser. Wish me luck!

  • Kimberly writes:

    @Michelle Anna: I’m so glad it works for you! Good luck, and don’t hesitate to email me photos with your version of the ‘do!

  • Megan writes:

    Thank you SO much, this is perfect! Just in time for the weekend too… :)

  • Alice writes:

    HeY you. I am just checking your hair do. I just got back from Oregon and stopped at The Paul Mitchell salon and got a shortie cut. ALready can,t wait for it to grow out! congrats on the you know what…

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  • ariel writes:

    This is perfect! i have about shoulder length hair and i hav been looking for something simple yet classy for my prom this weekend! And this is easy enough to do! (:

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