3 Jan

Hot or Not: Sequins

I hope you all had a lovely New Year!  The holiday season meant a lot of sparkly dresses were flying off the shelves, and I want to know if you’re a fan.

Here are a few examples…




Sequins have been trendy for a while, but are they one of those things that look great on models and not on real people?


Are sequins hot or not? Do you own sequined clothes or accessories?  Are they appropriate all the time, or best worn on special occasions?  What about sequined accessories— are you a fan?  Tell me in the comments!

{ posted: Monday, January 3, 2011 }


Comments: {3}

  • Kelsey writes:

    Sequins (especially on clothing items as opposed to accessories) are only hot for a special party or a late night out at the club,….not just for an everyday outfit. I think they walk a fine line between glamorous and fun and costume-y/ tacky.

  • kris writes:

    personally i dont care for them.. they have to be minimal on accecories or i wont like them.. shirts again minimal… i also think a lot of the reason why i dont like them is because they show your EVERY curve! soo i think if i had a better figure then id like them.. then again im not sure haha and i completely agree with Kelsey…

  • Kimberly writes:

    @kris: a friend and i were discussing that recently. i think that if you’re going to wear all-over sequins (like a full dress or something), you have to have the body for it. otherwise, it looks like sequins threw up all over you— ha! it’s a fine line. i think i’ll stick to a splash of bling here and there…

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