26 Jul

Getting To Know You: Are You A List-Maker?

Today is my last exam at school, and I could not be more nervous/excited!  This test is 7 hours long, and requires a lot of preparation.  There is NO WAY I could have rustled up all the necessary supplies without making about a hundred lists over the past week or so.

I totally want this to-do list pad

I am a list-maker at heart.  I love calendars so that I can count down to big events.  I will write things down after I have done them, just for the satisfaction of crossing them off a list.

I hate when things fall through the cracks, so making lists helps me keep it all straight.  You should see how many wedding-related lists I have going… yikes!

Am I crazy, or do you make lists too?  Do you list things all the time, or is it just for grocery store outings and vacation packing and the like?  Are you a count-downer like me?  Share in the comments!

{ posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 }


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  • KC writes:

    I’m pretty much a crazy person when it comes to lists! can’t get enough of em. Plus, now that I have my iphone, and I can make lists to my heart’s content in the “notes” app :)

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