5 Mar

Fun Baby Shower Ideas!

Yesterday, I attended the sweetest baby shower— full of  joy, excitement, and fun games!  For those of you who have a baby shower in the works in your life (or if you just love a good party, like I do), keep these ideas in your memory bank…


My number one favorite thing about the event was the flow.  Rather than trying to control the large group, the hosts set up mini stations all over the house that guests could visit at their leisure, in between getting a snack and catching up with friends.  And the stations were great!  They had…

1) An alphabet scrapbook table. I think this was everyone’s favorite activity.  Before the party started, the hosts picked out 26 cute pieces of scrapbook paper and glued a letter to each of them.  Then, they filled a super-long table with crafty supplies, pictures, stamps, etc…  Each guest had the opportunity to pick a letter and make a page for the “alphabet book”, so the baby will grow up learning her letters from the people she loves most!  Genius!

2) A diaper raffle corner. As part of the shower invitation, each guest was invited to bring a pack of diapers and drop them off in a cute bassinet as they walked in.  In exchange, we each got a raffle ticket with an opportunity to win some fun prizes!  So simple and easy, and the guest of honor got a TON of diapers!

3) A baby bottle guessing game. How many sour patch fit in a baby bottle?  We all visited this station, took a look, and made our best guess.  The answer: 67!  (I should know, I won this one :)

4) The classic string game. Every baby shower must involve guessing the size of the belly, right?  There was a fourth station with string and scissors for us to guess how big around the guest of honor was, which is always a hoot!

There was great food all afternoon, lots of “ooh”ing and “ahh”ing over all of the sweet little gifts (which they saved until the end of the shower, so people didn’t feel pressure to stay), and plenty of activities to keep the event moving along without being too regimented.  (I’m not gonna lie… I definitely told my mom to take notes when the time comes for me to have a baby shower of my own :)

When was the last time you went to (or hosted!) a baby shower?  Did you play any of the games I mentioned?  Got any other ideas to make a shower lots of fun?  Share them in the comments!

{ posted: Monday, March 5, 2012 }


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  • Sarah writes:

    I LOVE the raffle diaper idea. That is soooo brilliant! My sisters and I have put on a bunch of baby showers lately and that is a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jennie writes:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the baby shower!!! It was an absolutely joyfull afternoon for us too! One of the little stations that got overlooked by most guests was the sign-in book that invited everyone to “shower Meghan with good wishes, blessings, advice, encouragement…” Passing it around while the mommy to be is opening gifts would be a great way to let anyone who missed it earlier get their chance to offer some words of wisdom.

  • Flowers writes:

    Great ideas..thanks for sharing!

  • {blending beautiful} » Wedding Wednesday: Throwing A Bridal Shower writes:

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