27 Dec

Do You Have A Tried & True Hangover Cure?

Last night for Travis’ birthday, we met a big group of friends for a night out in our hometown.  It’s a fun tradition that Travis and I look forward to every year, and as usual we had a great time.

A few of us got into a debate about the best ways to prevent a hangover, and I’m curious to know what you do to ward off that yucky feeling the morning after…

I recently heard that a glass of water and burnt toast right before bed is the key.  (Apparently the carbon in the burnt parts of the toast help to soak up impurities in your system?)

Another friend swears by the combination of a liter of water, four ibuprofen, and a multi-vitamin.

With New Years Eve coming up, I’d love to hear what your routine is after a night of over-indulgence…

What do you do to prevent a hangover?  Have you tried either of the methods above?  How did they work?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

{ posted: Tuesday, December 27, 2011 }


Comments: {4}

  • Cynthia writes:

    Well my suggestion would be to make sure to drink some water with every drink you have.. Also, a great hangover cure for the next morning when you’re in pain would be some wonton soup, lemon and their delicious chili!

  • Sara writes:

    I’m definitely trying Spenser’s ibuprofen and multivitamin recommendation next time I need a hangover cure.

    My hangover cure usually involves some kind of disgusting, greasy, fast food hash browns. It works every time.

  • Michelle Anna writes:

    Eggs & water. I swear by it!! The water keeps you hydrated and the eggs have protein and cysteine that help break down a hangover.

  • Sara writes:

    A glass of water before bed with an Ibuprofen.. next morning more water, ibuprofen, yummy breakfast & naps!!! :)

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