7 Aug

What to Wear in Paris

Whether you’re about to jetset halfway around the world, or just playing Amélie and eating macarons, all girls need a bit of Paris every now and then. The City of Light is a popular destination for fans of pastries and romance. High fashion is as common there as pigeons and art galleries. What dream outfit would you pack for this dream vacation?

Here’s my list for maximum Parisian style:

“Shrunken” Peach Blazer from TopShop

Buckled Boots from J. Crew

A-Like Khaki Dress from Modcloth

Shimmer Bralette from Free People

The neutral color scheme is trés chic, don’t you think?

Have you ever been up on the Eiffel Towe?  Dying to get there?  Share your Francophile stories in the comments and discuss this European-inspired fashion!

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3 Jul

What to Wear to a Job Interview

You have your references, your resume, you have your answers rehearsed in your head. The only thing missing is what to wear and the confidence that comes with the perfect outfit.

Although each office is different, it’s important to show up in appropriate clothing. Understated sophistication can be created with simple basics that you can re-wear time and time again in the office.

You may already have a button-down from your last job. Just don’t leave your personality at home entirely – you can still add a pop of color or an accessory that you feel shows your personality.

I was once interviewed by a woman who said that she liked my shoes. I liked her shoes!  We laughed, talked about DSW, and then moved on. I was a lot more confident once we made that human connection, and even though I didn’t get the job, I still had my shoes.

Here’s my list for the ultimate interview outfit:

The Perfect Oxford Shirt in White from Gap.

Grey Cable Knit Tights from TopShop.

Black Blazer with Leather Lapels from BB Dakota.

Black A-line Skirt with Pleats at Modcloth.

Lace-Up Boot by Chinese Laundry.

Laptop Clutch in a Bright Color at Hi Korean Fashion.

What do you wear to feel professional and confident at a job interview?  Are you a fan of this look?  Share your interview fashion strategies in the comments!

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19 Jun

What to Wear to a Backyard Wedding

Your friend, the bride, is a vision in white and the bridesmaids all wear beautiful variations of the same-colored dress.   Bridal party fashion is typically pretty traditional.  So as a guest at a backyard wedding, you are morally obligated to bring your unique brand of cuteness to the occasion.

Stay classy but casual with a breathable dress that has a little twirl for the reception dance floor.  Stand out with a minty statement necklace that will make your look pop.  Suede wedges will keep you from tripping in the grass after your champagne makes everything tilt and shine.  Keep your lipstick and cell phone safe in a gold envelope clutch, and don’t forget to bundle up at the end of the night in a tough-but-sweet biker jacket that, naturally, matches your shoes.

What do you usually wear to backyard weddings?  Do you like to stand out with fun colors?  Are wedges your go-to shoe for outdoor events?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

5 Jun

What to Wear in Rio

Planning a tropical vacation this summer?  (Or looking to channel the tropics in your everyday life?)  Contributor, Juliette, is introducing a new “What to Wear” segment that will take us on a fashionable trip around the world and inspire us to be a little more playful with our looks, even when we’re not headed abroad…

Imagine laying on the beach with your elbows in the sand. It’s the hottest time of year in one of the hottest places. The spray from the nearby ocean evaporates before it reaches your skin. The drinks are cool, though, and the boys look refreshing.

This is Rio de Janeiro. The second largest city in Brazil, it’s the future host of the Summer Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. Summer is a lifestyle here, and tropical colors rule. Whether you’re planning your trip or just want to pretend, here’s an outfit you can put on at the resort, and take off at the beach!

Bathing Suit from Old Navy, $20 per piece

Gladiator Sandals by Steve Madden, $80

Jersey Maxi Dress at TopShop, $60

“Textile Major” Bag at ModCloth, $63

Bracelet from Topshop, $20

Necklace from Lulus, $22

Would you wear this tropical look?  Which of these pieces is your favorite?  Where in the world do you want Juliette to take us next?  (Paris?  Greece?  India?)  Share in the comments!