20 Jun

Wedding Wednesday: Good News on the Ring Front!

Last week at this time, I was devastated because I’d lost my wedding ring in a big dog park.  THIS week, I’m happy to report that my ring is back on my finger!!

(moments after getting my ring back)

After losing my ring, I put signs up in the park in the hope that if someone stumbled onto it, they’d return it to me.  I went back to the park with a metal detector and searched everywhere for my little ring with no luck.  Then I got a call from a regular at the dog park saying that someone had found it!

Days went by with no contact from this mystery person.  I started to worry that they weren’t planning on returning it to me at all.  But eventually, that amazing call came.  And on Monday evening, my ring was back on my finger!

Randomly cool side note:  the woman that found my ring married her husband on the same day that Trav and I got married last year!

I am beyond happy to have it back, and I am never taking my ring off AGAIN. :)

Have you ever lost something important to you?  Did you get it back?  Do you take your wedding ring off?

P.S. Happy first day of summer!!

19 Jun

What to Wear to a Backyard Wedding

Your friend, the bride, is a vision in white and the bridesmaids all wear beautiful variations of the same-colored dress.   Bridal party fashion is typically pretty traditional.  So as a guest at a backyard wedding, you are morally obligated to bring your unique brand of cuteness to the occasion.

Stay classy but casual with a breathable dress that has a little twirl for the reception dance floor.  Stand out with a minty statement necklace that will make your look pop.  Suede wedges will keep you from tripping in the grass after your champagne makes everything tilt and shine.  Keep your lipstick and cell phone safe in a gold envelope clutch, and don’t forget to bundle up at the end of the night in a tough-but-sweet biker jacket that, naturally, matches your shoes.

What do you usually wear to backyard weddings?  Do you like to stand out with fun colors?  Are wedges your go-to shoe for outdoor events?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

13 Jun

Wedding Wednesday: I Lost My Ring!

Lovely readers, yesterday was THE WORST day ever.  I’ve heard plenty of stories over the years about women who lose their wedding rings and now I know first hand just how terrible it is…

(a very awkward picture of my now-naked left hand)

Remember how I’m trying to be better about sunscreen?  Yesterday, I slipped off my ring to apply my SPF.  Rather than placing it by our toothbrushes in our bathroom (like I usually do), I placed it in my bra.  I rushed out the door and drove across the city to a friend’s house to take care of her dog while she was away for the day.  I was in her backyard, her bathroom… all over her house, really.  THEN, I took her dog to a local dog park and played around for an hour or so.

I noticed that my ring was gone toward the end of my time at the dog park, but I assumed it was next to our toothbrushes in the bathroom because that’s where I ALWAYS keep it when my ring is off.  It wasn’t until I got home that I remembered putting the ring in my bra, and by then it was gone.

To be honest, I’m devastated.  We’ve looked everywhere.  I’m working with a ring finder to get him to bring a metal detector to the dog park, but there’s a chance that the ring isn’t even there.  There’s a part of me that’s still holding out hope that it will be found, but the other part of me feels like it’s extremely unrealistic.

Ugh… I’m sorry for the not-so-happy post this morning, but I try to keep the blog honest and this is all I can think about today.

Have you ever lost an important piece of jewelry?  Were you able to find it?  Any tips or tricks?  Please share them in the comments!

6 Jun

Wedding Wednesday: Celebrating Anniversaries

I’m not sure how time has passed so quickly, but Travis and I have been married for almost nine months already!  It feels like our wedding was just yesterday, but now we’re close to celebrating our one year anniversary.

We all know the classic wedding anniversary tradition: freezing the top tier of your wedding cake and eating it a year after you tie the knot.  But if the idea of eating thawed-out cake doesn’t feel like the dreamy celebration you had in mind, there are other fun ways to evoke the romance of your wedding day a year (or five, or ten) after the wedding.  Here are a few fun anniversary ideas (including what Trav and I are doing to celebrate):


1. Have wedding guests write a letter. On your wedding day, set a note card and an envelope at each table setting and instruct guests to write you a message— either reminding you about a fun detail of your reception, giving you advice, or simply sending you their love.  Number each envelop from 1-50 and have guests seal their letter inside.  Each year, on your anniversary, open the corresponding numbered envelope for a sweet reminder of your big day!  (I wish we had gotten it together to do this at our wedding— it’s SUCH a neat idea!)

2. Do a photo shoot. You have all those beautiful photos of you and your husband on the day of your wedding, wouldn’t it be fun to take professional photos on your anniversary every year (or every five years)?  You could have an anniversary album that grows with your relationship and can be passed down to your kids or grandkids— how romantic!

3. Write each other a letter. It’s super sweet to read a letter from friends or family on your anniversary, but it would be so romantic to write each other letters each year on your anniversary.  I’m not talking about signing your name on a Hallmark card.  I mean a real, handwritten love letter.  Write one to your husband (and have him do the same) each year, and keep them in a special keepsake box.  Then, each year, you can read your new letter, but also sift through the old ones.  It’s sure to set the tone for a romantic celebration.

4. Take a romantic trip. There’s nothing more dreamy than your wedding day and honeymoon.  I often find myself wishing we could transport ourselves back to Maui and re-live the week we spent there post-wedding.  So, Travis and I have decided to spend our 1st wedding anniversary in another super-romantic locale: Italy!  Escaping the hectic to-do’s of everyday life make it easy to focus on the romance and reminisce on the amazing first year of marriage.

Do you have any other ideas for celebrating an anniversary?  Which of these is your favorite?  Are you celebrating an anniversary this summer?  How will you mark the occasion?  Share in the comments!

30 May

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Day Survival Kit

One thing I loved about getting married at my parents’ house was that I didn’t have to worry about forgetting any wedding day essentials.  If you’re NOT getting hitched at home, it’s wise to put together an emergency kit to ensure that you look your best, no matter what curve balls are thrown your way.  (Gift Idea: Put them all in a cute case labeled “Wedding Day Survival Kit” and give a kit to each of your bridesmaids with a thank you card!)

Check out these must-haves for the big day:

Fashion Tape: don’t let a plunging neckline turn into a wardrobe malfunction

Safety Pins: straps break, bustles fall… keep a few different sizes on hand, just in case

Cinnamon Mints: did you know that cinnamon is a better bad-breath buster than mint?

Clear Nail Polish: stops runs in panty hose, keeps rhinestones in place if they start falling off your shoes, keeps nails from chipping

Bobby Pins: for stray hairs

Lip Balm: go for balm instead of gloss, so your lips look lustrous without being sticky

Oil Absorbing Sheets: to keep your face looking fresh in photos (and in real life!)

Bandaids: just in case those gorgeous wedding shoes of yours start to give you blisters

Q-tips: easily fix smudgy eye makeup, spray with hairspray to keep brows or stray hairs in place

Deodorant: dancing will make you sweat, I promise!

Wet Wipes: After the ceremony, I got dirt all over the back of my dress (from taking photos at a barn) and we were able to get it all off with wet wipes!  So handy…

What do you think of this survival kit?  Past brides: did I leave anything out?  Share your thoughts in the comments!