12 Oct

Have a Scrumptious Weekend!

Happy happy Friday!  I am sooo excited for this weekend.  Travis and I are making our annual trip to Half Moon Bay for the pumpkin festival, where we will fill up on amazing food, fall treats, and feast our eyes on the 1700-pound, award winning pumpkin.

The weather has been gloomy and perfectly autumn— I am loving every minute of it!

So let’s kick off this weekend with some fun links from around the web…

Cute nails!

Would you trash the dress?

Awesome DIY stools made from side tables!

Fall in a box.

Pumpkin frozen yogurt… mmmm :)

Have you used a mattifier to keep your face from getting shiny?  I’m thinking about picking up this one for my clients…

I adore this hair color!

Cute idea: plant flowers in pumpkins for Halloween/Thanksgiving.

I’d love to curl into this bed with a good book…

And don’t forget to enter this week’s hair happy giveaway!

What are you up to this weekend?  Doing anything cozy or fall-related?  Is the weather changing in your neck of the woods?  Tell me what you’re up to in the comments!

26 Sep

The Bride’s Code of Conduct

Hey guys, Chelsea here.  So, I’ve never been a bride (give me a few more years, please!) but I have been a part of four weddings, and as a bridesmaid, I’ve learned a thing or two about what to do (and not do) from watching my respective friends handle their bridal duties.


I know when it comes to weddings there’s a ton to plan. In fact, when I went to my friend’s wedding this past weekend she did things I had never even thought of, like making welcome baskets of snacks, toiletries, and an itinerary for guests staying at hotels . Read this article about wedding etiquette and you’ll see that apparently this is a must-do!

Each of my four friends had very different ideas about how she wanted her special day to be and I can respect that since every bride (i.e. woman) has unique personalities and preferences. But as someone who has carved time out of my schedule on four different occasions for these weddings, I’ve compiled a list of three things that brides should consider when it comes to managing their bridal party.

1. Pop the question

Once you have set the date, choose your vital bridal crew and ask them early on to be part of your wedding, letting them know how much they mean to you. I loved the way a friend of mine got asked (see the picture above). Of course it’s perfectly fine not to get crafty when asking, but a few kind, meaningful words go a long way.

Also, make sure you are clear with your intentions. If you want someone to be in your wedding party, let her know. It sounds simple but recently a friend invited me to her wedding with only six weeks notice and then a week later, asked me to be her maid of honor. I was first confused by the initial invite as a guest when I thought I’d be in her wedding, and then I was even more thrown when the maid of honor invite was seemingly an afterthought.

2. Give a token of appreciation

My friends who made the bridesmaid experience most enjoyable are those who recognized her bridal party had taken time and money to celebrate her future marriage, and in turn, found a way to show their gratitude. One friend made us cute shirts to wear while we got ready and gave us each an adorable necklace to wear on her wedding day, while another wrote the sweetest personalized notes. For me, it’s not about a gift. It’s about being thought of and feeling included and important.

3. Keep your bridesmaids in the know

Not everyone is a great planner, but if a bridesmaid is going to fulfill her duties of attending to the bride’s needs and being present at important wedding-related events, then the bride needs to properly communicate plans. Someone who doesn’t do this could actually just be a very laidback bride who doesn’t want to sound bossy, but you can still provide logistical details without being a bridezilla. Trust me, your bridesmaids will be happy to know the plan so they can be there for you!

If you’re married, what did you do to make things easy and fun for your bridesmaids? And if you’ve been a bridesmaid, what did the bride do that you appreciated?  Got anything else to add to the list?  Share ’em in the comments!

17 Sep

One Year Ago

Greetings from Florence!  Travis and I are on the second leg of our trip (we left Rome yesterday and we’ll end our trip in Venice later in the week.)  I can’t wait to tell you all about our fun adventures when we get back, but today I want to get a little mushy because one year ago today, I married my wonderful husband :)

This year has gone by so fast, but marriage has been absolutely magical so far.  Today also marks our five year dating anniversary, and I can truly say that our relationship has only gotten better with time.  We have so much to look forward to and so much to be grateful for, and I feel beyond blessed to have ended up with such a kind, intelligent, funny, compassionate man.  (Who also happens to be easy on the eyes :)

Happy anniversary, sweet husband of mine.  How lucky are we to be celebrating in beautiful Italy?!

P.S.- Our wedding trailer :)

14 Sep

Have an Adventurous Weekend

Happy Friday, my sweets!  We’ve arrived in Italy and we’ll spend the majority of this weekend exploring Rome.  Travis and I both expect to be exhausted by the time our trip is over– there’s so much to see and never enough time!  Although we plan to see many of the historical landmarks, I’m especially excited to roam the farmer’s markets and and try some of the classic local cuisine, like bucatini all’amatriciana.

The blog will be active the entire time we’re abroad, so make sure to come back and visit all next week :)  Until then, let’s browse some fun finds from around the web…

Love this little boy’s bedroom!

Dreamy wedding dress…

Apple pie cookies to welcome fall :)

Who’s your lobster?

Rainbow nails…

I picked up this coat last week– LOVE the flattering cut and big collar!

DIY project: squishy knot pillow.

Sweet anchor tattoo…

Check out just what highlighting and contouring can do to your makeup…

And take a virtual tour of our flat in Rome!!

What are you up to this weekend?  Got any big plans?  Taking any trips yourself?  (Any advice for our time in Italy??)  Share in the comments!

27 Aug

My Other Life

I feel like I’m always sharing little pieces of my life with you all on this blog, but I realized recently that I’ve never really showed you what I do for a living.  At the beginning of the summer, I decided to stop working as a marketing copywriter so that I could dedicate myself fully to something else I really love… hair and makeup!

I was doing weddings VERY occasionally on the side, and I wasn’t sure I could make a real career out of it.  But the moment I invested in myself and went for it, I had plenty of work!  Want to see some of it?

Weddings are my absolute favorite thing to do— there’s nothing more fun than hanging out with a bride and her family right before she’s headed down the aisle…

And more recently, I’ve been doing hair and makeup for photo shoots, which is a LOT of work, but also incredibly fun.  (I’ll be sharing some of those photos with you soon!)

You can check out “my other life” by visiting www.kimguiley.com or liking my hair & makeup page on Facebook.

Do you have “another life”… something that you do on the side of work?  Ever thought of making it your career?  Are you a fan of any of the wedding looks above?  Share in the comments!