12 Nov

Currently Obsessed With: Waffles and Honey

Oh my goodness, sweet readers, I have found my new favorite jewelry brand and I am totally smitten!  Have you heard of Waffles & Honey?

They’re a little San Francisco-based shop with the most beautiful accessories, featuring natural cut stones and 14k gold.  Their creations are somehow both totally timeless and right on trend.

I rocked their Amethyst Geode Necklace over the weekend and got at least a dozen compliments!  I was wearing the most casual outfit, but I slipped on this necklace and suddenly felt so put together… which is basically a new mom’s dream come true :)

Since their pieces are even more beautiful layered, I’m already on the hunt for my next W&H piece.  And you better believe that I’m gifting these gems to my lady friends over the holidays.

If you want to snag an item or two from this gorgeous collection, you’re in luck: Waffles & Honey is offering {blending beautiful} readers a 15% discount with the code BEAUTIFUL15!  (And don’t forget to check them out on Facebook for new shop updates and exclusive discounts.)

(This post is sponsored by Waffles & Honey, but all the sentiments are mine!  I truly adore this brand and appreciate your support of the sponsors that make {blending beautiful} possible.)

22 Apr

Splurge-Worthy Lips

When I first started wearing lipstick, I felt like it looked weird on my face; I didn’t look like myself.  But the more I played around with it, I realized that even the subtlest shade can add a lot of brightness and depth to your look.  In fact, on days when I’m too tired or lazy to put on makeup, I’ll often fake it with a swipe of lip color.

I’ve been eyeing the Sugar Lip Treatment line by Fresh for ages, but $22 felt like quite the splurge on a single lip color. However, after browsing the aisles at Sephora last week with a 15% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to go for it.  And I’m so glad I did!

As an avid lip balm wearer, I really hate how most lipsticks dry up all the moisture from your lips.  I often find myself layering balm under and over my other lip colors to keep the moisture in.  But the Sugar Lip Treatments are super dewey and non-drying.  The shades are extremely flattering and can be layered for a bold color or dabbed on gently for a subtle tint.

Here’s a quick snapshot of me wearing the Lip Treatment in coral…

A perfect everyday shade, don’t you think?  It’s hand down my new favorite beauty product (with the Naked Basics palette being a dangerously close second…)

Have you tried Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment?  Got another lip color fave to share?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

12 Apr

Beauty Review: The Truth About Sonic Cleansing

As I mentioned on Tuesday, we have two lovely new bloggers joining the {blending beautiful} family and today we’re joined by Chelsea.  Chelsea is a Texas girl whose wandering spirit brought her to San Francisco where she works in the beauty industry and as a freelance writer.  In her spare time, you’ll find her pinning away on Pinterest, exploring new places and cuisines in San Francisco, or dreaming about her next trip abroad.

Check out her beauty review of the Clarisonic:

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Clarisonic— a handy beauty tool from the creators of the Sonicare toothbrush. It deep cleans pore by digging out dirt and grime, reduces pore size and fine lines, and helps control oil and dry patches. Sounds like a miracle tool, right?

It is – but only if you know how to properly use it.

I get a lot of questions about this device and I thought I’d clear them up (no pun intended!) right here, right now.


True or False: The Clarisonic will make me break out.

Both. The bad news is that you may. The good news is that you may not.

The Clarisonic website does not disclose this, but I can tell you from personal experience and talking to my store’s Clarisonic rep that purging is, in fact, a potential side effect. This means you may see an increase in breakouts while your skin rids itself from everything that is stuck down in your pores.

How to deal: I consulted a dermatologist and the Clarisonic rep about this. Both said to stop using the Clarisonic on acne-prone areas if you continue to breakout there. Clarisonic’s website warns not to use it over open wounds (i.e. popped pimples) and take it from me: just give your skin a breather if it goes a bit crazy! Once your skin calms down, you can start again – but do so sparingly. Which brings me to my next point.

The Clarisonic gives the best results when I use it every time I cleanse.

Not so fast, there. Trust me, if you use a Clarisonic you will see how good it feels on your skin. I got so obsessed with it that I thought the more I did it, the better my skin would be. Big mistake.

Since you are using a tool that’s foreign to your delicate skin, do your skin a favor and ease into it. Use it every other day or even just a couple times a week. Gauge how your skin reacts and if you’re okay, slowly increase your use of it.

I can use my Clarisonic an extra minute to feel super clean.

Wrong! Each time you use your Clarisonic it lasts for a minute. Don’t press the power button again for a second go-round. The first minute is enough to do the job; otherwise the Clarisonic people would have made it last longer!

The Clarisonic exfoliates my skin so I won’t ever need to use an exfoliator.

Not true, sister! It deep cleanses. Exfoliate one to three times a week, but make sure to use it with your hands and not your Clarisonic.

I really do think the Clarisonic is a great tool, but I disagree with those who say it is for everybody. All of us have different skin and different lifestyle factors that affect our reaction to certain products. You just have to find what works best for you.

Check out the official website here.

Have you had any success stories with your Clarisonic? Complaints? Suggestions? Share them in the comments!

10 Apr

Real Life Photoshop Makeup Guide

My sweets, I am so excited to announce that there are two new ladies joining the {blending beautiful} family as contributing writers!  Today, I’d like to introduce Juliette, an LA native living in San Francisco until her plot to take over the world pans out. She is an advertising copywriting student who is into tall boots, Harry Potter, and her dog, Laika.

Check out her guide to getting photoshop results from your makeup:

My little sister and I had power struggles for years over our bathroom. Eyeshadow was stolen back and forth, wars were waged over whose brush was whose. And yet the ability to try out someone else’s makeup is rarely given to me now that we’re grown and in different cities. The cost of trying a new foundation is usually too high and the errand of returning it too inconvenient.

Luckily there are those products that, when you find them, do more for you than just pink up your lips.

Some makeup products go beyond regular beauty and slip into the realm of flawlessness. I’ve smeared a lot of drug store makeup on my face and stolen a lot of eyeliner from my sister, and now I’ve compiled a list of products that will have you looking like a model who’s been re-touched…


Zap Zit Drying Gel

This product is unlike any other I have ever tried simply because of its staying power. Within hours, this astringent that is free of mineral oil, alcohol, and perfume will dry up any blemish. You need less than a pea-sized dab on the affected area, and that’s it. Just wait. I’ve applied this in the morning, made coffee, gotten dressed, and found that my pimple was already less red. Apply it at night and you’ll never remember you were breaking out when you awake in the morning. (Get it here.)

Foundation Brush

I didn’t use a foundation brush until recently because I didn’t think I needed it. After all, in a world so overflowing with beauty products, some must certainly be unnecessary. It turns out, this one is important— talk about Photoshop! Essentially it’s a blending tool, smoothing out your face and perfectly layering on your foundation.  Pick up this Sonia Kashuk brush from Target and see for yourself!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

This product keeps your eyeshadow from disappearing into your skin, leaving you with makeup that won’t budge for hours and colors that are as bright as promised. No more creases, no more glitter on your cheeks, no more reapplying eyeliner in the bathroom at work. You really do look the same at end of the day as you do at the beginning. It’s like a perfect Photoshop base upon which you can layer color upon bright color.  Pick some up at Sephora!

DiorShow Mascara by Dior

If your eyelashes are thin (or even if they’re long and beautiful) you can always make them darker, longer, thicker. This mascara does it all for you. Even on a day without any other makeup it will make you look like a celebrity faster than a Birkin bag.  Try some for yourself!

Any one of these products will touch you up so well you won’t need to be retouched. If you try them out, don’t forget to let your sister play with them too. Because if something should run in the family, it’s looking flawless.

What products do you use to get great looking skin?  Have you tried any of these?  Got another favorite to share?  Let me know in the comments!

27 Mar

Beauty Review: Awesome Mascara On The Cheap!

I’ve been a diehard fan of Lancome mascara for years.  But at $26 a tube, I’d been wondering if there was a less expensive alternative.  Good news…

Enter: Maybelline’s the Colossal Volum’ Express!

A friend of mine swears by this stuff and suggested I try it, so I picked up a tube last week and I’m thrilled with the results!  It’s a thin formula with a thick brush, meaning it gets into all the nooks and crannies.  It’s easy to layer without clumping up.  And it lasts all day without flaking!

It comes in both regular and waterproof versions and the best part: it costs only $4.79!  That’s less than a fifth of what I was paying for Lancome!

Needless to say, I’m thrilled with this find.

What’s your favorite mascara brand?  Have you tried Maybelline’s Colossal Volum’ Express?  Got another recommendation?  And do you wear waterproof or washable?  Tell me in the comments!