4 Jan

Wedding Wednesday POLL: Do You Have A Timeline For Marriage?

It seems like all the celebs are getting engaged this holiday season… everyone from Aretha Franklin to Justin Timberlake!  Of course, we are in the peak of “engagement season” (Thanksgiving through Valentines Day), but all of these proposals have me wondering… do you have a timeline for getting hitched?


I was still a teenager when Travis and I  started dating, so I didn’t enter our relationship with any sort of deadline for marriage.  But soon into our relationship, when I realized that he was the man I would marry, I started timing everything out.  I wanted to get engaged the summer after we graduated college and married a year later, on our 4 year anniversary.

And guess what?  That’s exactly what happened!

I know some women with age-related timelines.  Some want to get married by age 30, some want a proposal by 27, etc… I have the feeling that it’s pretty natural for women to set a deadline for marriage, especially if they want to start a family.  I’m curious to know how many of you have one, too…


Unmarried gals: do you have a desired age that you’d like to be married or engaged?  Has your timeline changed as you’ve dated different people?  Married gals: did you have a marriage deadline before you got hitched?  Did everything turn out the way you thought it would?  Share in the comments!

26 Dec

Happy Birthday, Travis!

Today’s post has only one purpose: to wish my hubby the best birthday ever!

Since Travis’ birthday is the day after Christmas, he doesn’t always get the birthday shout-out he deserves.  So here it goes:

Travis, I love you so much, and I’m so lucky to call you my husband.  You are my best buddy and my biggest cheerleader, and I love how darn silly you are!

And thank you for all of your support with the blog— there’s no way I could have kept it going this long without you!

xoxo forever and ever…

13 Dec

POLL: Would You Date Someone Much Older (Or Much Younger) Than You?

We see it in t.v. shows all the time.  Celebs don’t seem to bat an eye.  But in real life is it possible to make a relationship work with someone much older or younger than you?

(maybe so… these two are 22 years apart!)

Katie Couric just called off her relationship with a beau who is 17 years her junior!  And it got me thinking about how much age matters in a relationship.

There’s the old standby rule to figure out if an age difference is “appropriate”: take the older person’s age, divide it in half, then add seven.  For example, if the older person is 40, they shouldn’t date someone younger than 27.

Travis is not even 2 full years older than me, but I once dated eight years my senior.  It was very brief, and though age didn’t directly get in the way, I think it contributed to the reasons why we weren’t a good match.


Would you (or have you ever) dated someone much older or younger than you?  Do you believe that relationships with big age gaps can still work?  Have you heard of the “appropriate age” rule?  Share your thoughts and stories in the comments!

6 Dec

Have You Ever Been To A Pleasure Party?

Pleasure parties seem to have risen in popularity lately (I’ve been to 2 in the last few months!) and it got me wondering… have any of you ladies been to one?

I had a super-fun girls night on Friday where we enjoyed good food and drinks (alcohol is pretty much required, I think :), silly games, and lots and lots of sex toys!  Here are a few photos…

yummy food!

a cute display of all the fun products!

a booklet so we could follow along & mark our favorite items…

the heart massager I bought that warms up and makes massages that much more relaxing!

I find pleasure parties to be empowering and kind of liberating.  I mean, sex is a huge part of our lives, and we should make the most out of it!  I’m even thinking of hosting a pleasure party of my own before Valentine’s Day…

Have you been to a pleasure party before?  What did you think of the experience?  Would you ever host one of your own?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

30 Nov

Wedding Wednesday: Our Ceremony

In all the hoopla of Thanksgiving, I realized that I never did a Wedding Wednesday post last week!  So, I thought I’d make it up to you by sharing some photos from our wedding… this week, I’m going to take you through our ceremony.

We had both the ceremony and reception at my parents’ house, which was really special for me.  It really eased the stress of the day, and it made the whole gathering feel more intimate.

These first photos were taken just a few minutes before the ceremony… I was so anxious!

Travis and I didn’t see each other before the ceremony, but I got a different kind of first look… with my dad!

It was really important to us that we include our families in our ceremony, so we had both of our parents give us away.

My beautiful cousins read e.e. cummings’ poem “i carry your heart”…

And then we stumbled through our vows… we were both so emotional!  Everyone expected it of me, but I think it really caught Travis off guard.  (I thought it was the sweetest thing ever!)

During the vows, we passed our rings around and gave our guests a chance to bless them with good thoughts and lots of love for our future together.  It was a really special way to connect with our family and friends— many of them said it was the highlight of the ceremony!

Our nieces/flower girls were in charge of getting the rings back to us when it was time to say I do!  (I think they were excited to make a second appearance during the ceremony!)

Travis and I were so anxious to make it official, we forgot to wait for our officiant to say. “You may kiss the bride.”  Oops!  (P.S. I just love this photo of our dear friend/officiant, Tina.  She made our ceremony so special… we love her to pieces!)

I think it’s so cute that Travis high-fived my dad when it was all said and done…

As we walked out of the ceremony, we borrowed a Jewish wedding tradition and sequestered ourselves in the house for a few minutes of peace and quiet before the craziness of the reception.  It was such a special moment for me and Travis… we were really able to take each other in and reflect on the fact that we had really just gotten married!  Plus, he was able to help me pee in that big dress :)

There you have it, our ceremony!

Next week, I’ll take you through our reception, and come back tomorrow for another holiday gift guide!

Photography: Nicolette Clark, Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal, Groom’s Suit: Tommy Hilfiger, Hair Stylist: Jen Irby, Makeup Artist: Rachel Pinkerton, Flowers: DIY