15 May

Combining Tastes: Moving in with the Boyfriend

I’m moving soon! And where normally that would send me into fits of shabby-chic provincial French furniture shopping, this move is different: this time I’m moving in with my boyfriend.

Don’t get me wrong, I obviously love the guy, and since he’s with me he clearly has great taste :) However, if it were up to me, we would be living in a French flea market, and if it were up to him, we’d live on a pirate ship.

How to compromise? Well, the first thing we did was choose a theme that we both like so that we have some idea of the things to seek out. We made the theme fun so we could both remember it, and put elements of both of your personalities into it. Our theme is “Ship Captain with a French Call Girl on Board.” Sounds pornographic, but he loves Master and Commander, and I love Marie Antoinette. All of our decorative efforts, therefore, are going to be a blend of rich French textiles and old fashioned nautical items. I may even get my shabby French chair.  Here are a few of our inspirations:




Decorating together has become so much easier with a theme. I’m already hoarding furniture, knowing how expensive moving costs can be, and how hard it is to find the perfect pieces on a budget. Check out the rest of my home décor wishlist on Etsy!

Have you ever lived with a significant other?  How did you combine your tastes? Do you have an Etsy wishlist?  Share in the comments!

14 May

POLL: How Do You Feel About Having A Male Masseuse?

Happy Monday, my sweets!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  To celebrate Mother’s Day, I booked an afternoon at the spa for myself and my mom— complete with champagne, massages, and big jacuzzi tubs.  Everything about the day was perfect, except for one thing: I had a male masseuse.


I’ve had my fair share of massages over the past ten years, and I always make sure to request a woman because that’s what I’m used to.  There must have been a hiccup in communication at the spa yesterday because in walked a 20-something man to take me into the massage room.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being massaged by a man, but for me personally, I became very aware of the fact that I was practically naked in a dimly lit room with a guy that wasn’t my husband.  It just felt… wrong.  The masseuse was very professional and totally great at his job, but I was never fully able to relax— such a bummer!

I’m curious how you ladies feel about this, and if you think that being married makes a difference.

Would you get a massage from a male masseuse?  Does it make a difference if you’re married or single?  Do any of you prefer to be massaged by a man?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

2 May

Wedding Wednesday POLL: Honeymoon Camping?

Travis and I both grew up camping and love heading to the lake every summer.  (We even registered for camping gear for our wedding and it was one of our favorite gifts!)  We have a big camping trip planned for July and I’ve been fantasizing about it a lot lately.  Laying by the water with a good book and an ice cold drink, playing guitar at night by the bonfire— I’m always so relaxed during our camping adventures.


My parents started and ended their honeymoon in fancy hotels, but they spent a few days mid-trip at a campground.  I used to think that camping was not a honeymoon appropriate trip, but I’m starting to think it could be awesome.  Before you judge, check out some of these pretty camping photos:




Camping would certainly minimize honeymoon costs and you could really unplug from the outside world.  What do you think?  Would you do it?

Would you go camping on your honeymoon?  Or would you want something fancier to celebrate your marriage?  Got any favorite camping spots?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

9 Feb

Family Photos

I’m so excited to share a fun photo shoot with you today!

In late November, my family had the pleasure of doing a photo session with Sarah Pope Photography.  We wanted to get some nice, relaxed pictures to celebrate Travis’ official entry into our family :)  Check ’em out…

I think this one is my favorite…

I also asked Sarah to get some good photos of just my parents, and I love how they turned out.  After 25 years together, my mom and dad are so adorably in love and I really feel like that comes through here!

Sarah was so relaxed and sweet and fun!  She made it easy to pose for the camera and found a great balance between setting up shots and letting everything fall into place.  We love how the pics turned out— we’ll cherish these forever!

Check out Sarah Pope Photography to see all her work and to view the rest of our photo shoot.

Thanks, Sarah!


8 Feb

Wedding Wenesday: Let’s Talk About Valentine’s Day…

Ok, I know Valentine’s Day doesn’t directly relate to weddings, but with February 14th creeping up on us I feel like I need to get this off my chest…

Why does everyone enjoy bashing Valentine’s Day?!


Seriously, sweets, please help me understand!  I’ve seen tons of anti-V Day Facebook updates and blog posts floating around, from single and committed girls alike, and it’s making me sad!

I know that people like to call Valentine’s Day a “Hallmark Holiday” and I agree that you shouldn’t wait until February 14th to celebrate the love in your life (romantic or otherwise).  But what’s so bad about having a holiday that gives everyone an excuse to be a little extra lovey to their friends, family, and significant others?

My hope for you all is that you take time to acknowledge love all throughout the year and that the people in your life do the same.  So let’s re-frame the way we look at V-Day and take it as an excuse to get dressed up and go to dinner with someone special or stay home and play a board game by candle light.

If you’re single and feeling like February 14th is a day to be dreaded, put a little effort into making special Valentines for your girlfriends… I guarantee that it will make you feel good to put a smile on their faces!

What’s your view on Valentine’s Day?  Does anyone else see it the way I do or are you just not a fan of February 14th?  (All opinions are welcome!)

P.S… Inexpensive gifts for everyone on your V-Day list and What not to get your guy on Feb. 14th