24 Mar

POLL: Do You Have An Emergency Preparedness Kit At Home?

In light of all of the recent tragedy in Japan, there have been lots of ads for Emergency Kits popping up in the Bay Area.  And I’m curious… do you have one?


When Travis and I were living in San Francisco, we bought a wind-up radio and a couple of flashlights.  I think we also collected some canned goods and water, but I think we’ve since consumed them… oops!

At this point, I guess I’d classify us as semi-prepared.  I’m not sure that really counts for anything, but a wind-up radio is better than nothing right?

Where do you fall on the preparedness spectrum?



How’d you answer the poll?  If you have a kit, what’s in there?  If not, what do you think belongs in one? Tell me in the comments!

16 Mar

Wedding Wednesday POLL: How Long Should An Engagement Last?

Now this is a question I wish I had asked myself before we set a date for our wedding!


I’m not sure why I had “1 year” in my head, but for years leading up to our engagement, I assumed that we NEEDED at least one full year to plan our wedding.  So, in my mind, our September wedding date would be perfect timing, since Travis proposed last July.

There have definitely been pros to our 14-month engagement.  We have had more time to work on personal details for the big day, and we’ve been able to enjoy our pre-wedded bliss and fantasize about the future before we rush into it.

But if I had to do it all over again, I would probably choose a shorter engagement.  The truth is, it’s been 8 1/2 months and the wedding is pretty much completely planned.  So, sometimes we feel like we’re waiting around to get married, even though we’re ready to be husband and wife RIGHT NOW.  Plus, a longer engagement leaves a lot of time to questions EVERY SINGLE DECISION you make.

If I knew then what I know now, I’d choose a 6-8 month engagement.  But that’s just me… what do you think?!


How long do you think an engagement should last?  Married/Engaged ladies: would you have changed anything about the length of your engagement?  Tell me what you think in the comments!

14 Mar

Would You Rather: Fashion Edition!

The clocks have been set forward, and I’m guessing you’re just as tired as I am this morning.  So let’s perk up our day with a fun game of Would You Rather: Fashion Edition!







How’d you answer the polls?  Were any of the questions especially difficult… or super easy?  Is the time change making you feeling a little off this morning, too?  If so, commiserate in the comments!

25 Feb

POLL: How Do You Feel About Massages?

Let me start by saying that I love being massaged.  Back, neck, feet, hands, scalp… you name it and I love it.  And until I met Travis, I assumed that all people  enjoy a good rub down as much as I do.


False.  He loves getting his hands massaged, since he works on computers all day, but other than that… no way.

And now that I’m working in the beauty world— giving manicures, pedicures, facials, etc…— I’ve found that there are some clients who do NOT want to be massaged under any circumstances..

So I’m dying to know where you lovely readers fall on the spectrum!


Are you a massage-lover, like me, or do you prefer not to be touched?  Do you have one specific body part that you especially love to be rubbed?  Is there a spot that you hate having massaged?  Tell me in the comments!  (And have a lovely weekend!!)

14 Feb

White By Vera Wang Is In Stores! Which Dress Is Your Favorite?

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovely readers!  Let’s keep it romantic by looking at more beautiful wedding dresses…

White by Vera Wang— the collection that Vera designed for David’s Bridal (and the line I modeled for in Glamour)— is finally in stores!  Check out the collection and tell me what you think!

#1: Organza Fit and Flare (also comes in white & ivory)

#2: Ball Gown With Asymmetrically Draped Bodice (also comes in blush)

#3: One Shoulder Gown (comes in white & ivory)

#4: V-Neck Ball Gown (comes in white & ivory)

#5: Satin Faced Organza Fit and Flare (ivory only)

#6: Soft Net Gown (comes in white & ivory)

#7: One Shoulder Structured Fit and Flare (ivory only)

#8: Satin Faced Organza Ball Gown (white & ivory)

#9: Satin Faced Organza Gown with Removable Illusion Sleeve (ivory only)

#10: Draped Charmeuse Halter Gown (comes in blush, ivory & white)

#11: Strapless Net Gown (ivory & white)

#12: V Neck Soft A Line (ivory only)

Aren’t these gowns beautiful?

Which of these gowns would you most like to wear?  Would you wear a colored wedding gown or would you prefer white/ivory?  Are you excited to know that a big-name designer is making wedding gowns that all women can afford?  Let’s chat about it in the comments.