24 Jun

Instagram Happenings

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that I used to post every day.  Quite honestly, I miss the routine of writing that often and interacting with all of you sweet readers!  But this pregnancy has definitely slowed me down and I know it’s not about to get any easier to post with a new baby in the mix.  So, I’d love to invite you all over to Instagram, where I’m able to post much more frequently.

Of course, I’ll continue to keep up with the blog, but if you’re craving a little daily dose of {blending beautiful}, Instagram is a great place to find it.  Here are a few recent Insta pics…

An at-home gradient manicure…

DIY upgrade on our bathroom handsoap dispenser…

My ever-growing bump…

Before & After hair and makeup of my last bridal client of 2013!

If you haven’t already, join me on IG for more updates on DIY projects, the pregnancy and new baby, beauty finds, and other fun things!  (My user name is blendingbeautiful.)  Hope to see you there :)

15 May

DIY Summery Nail Inspiration

I thought I’d share a snapshot or two of the DIY manicure I gave myself earlier this week.  I’ve been sticking to pretty basic shades lately, but I had fun switching it up with this gold and coral combo.

To get the stripes, I painted my nail coral and let the polish dry overnight.  (You don’t have to wait that long, but you’ll want to wait at least an hour or two to make sure you don’t smudge your base color.)  Then, I cut tiny strips of washi tape at a diagonal and laid them across the nail.  Washi tape is great because it’s not too sticky and peels off the nail really easily.  I painted two coats of gold over the entire nail and made sure to carefully remove the tape before the gold was completely dry.

Pretty darn easy!

My coral shade is Sally Hansen’s Coral Reef.  The gold is Sally Hansen’s Golden-I.  And the top coat is Seche Vite (which is so much better than anything you’ll find at a drugstore… it keeps nails from chipping for days and creates the perfect shiny finish!)

22 Oct

Quick Fix

A couple days after a manicure, my nail polish usually starts  to wear off right along the tip.  (Does this happen to you, too?)  I’m pretty obsessive about un-chipped polish, but re-painting every few days is a pain.  My new quick fix?

Faded glitter!

My base color is Sally Hansen in “Eel Skin” and I added Essie’s “Golden Nuggets” once the polish started to wear.  The trick for getting a nice fade from tip to base is to paint upwards and apply multiple coats where you want the most glitter concentrated.

The glitter hides my stale manicure and will keep me from having to reapply for another few days.  Perfect :)

Do you hate having chipped nails?  How often do you paint yours?  Have you tried this glitter trick to keep your manicure looking fresh?  Got another quick fix to share?

10 Oct

Un-Cheesy Halloween Nails

I love adjusting my nails based on the season or upcoming holidays, but I’m not a huge fan of childlike nail art.  (Read: pumpkins on every finger.)  So I came up with my own take on “Halloween nails”… what do you think?

I used a tiny brush to paint the detailing, which made the process easy and relatively mess-free.

Do you change up your nail art based on the time of year?  Are you a fan of my Halloween nails?  Have you tried your own version of Halloween nails lately?  Share in the comments!

P.S.- Un-Cheesy Christmas Nails

5 Oct

Have a Great Weekend!

Fall rolled into San Francisco and it brought a nasty cold along with it!  I spent all day yesterday in bed, and it looks like my Friday is shaping up similarly.  Good thing Netflix play-it-now documentaries and herbal tea exists!

I’m hoping to be back on my feet by tomorrow— there’s lots of fun events happening in the city this weekend!  Until then, I plan to lay low and browse the web… care to join me?

I just ordered new business cards!  (Aren’t they cute?!)

Glen Hansard is playing the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival… be still, my heart!

So many boot socks, so little time.

Pretty sailboat tattoo

Love this simple design esthetic.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this on their birthday?

Lovely hair for fall…

Neat idea: wallpapered stairs.

I am OBSESSED with this light grey nail color!!

These thin crust pizza bites would make the best appetizers, don’t you think?

What are you up to this weekend?  Got any big plans or laying low at home?  Have you stumbled onto any must-share links this week?  Leave ’em in the comments!