14 Jul

Would You Rather: Accessory Edition!

Travis and I have officially mailed out our wedding invitations (woo hoo!), and I want to celebrate with a round of our favorite game…  let’s play Would You Rather: Accessory Edition!

Were any of these particularly hard for you to answer?  Any of ’em super easy?  Tell me how you answered in the comments!

8 Jun

Wedding Wednesday: Statement Jewelry

I’m loving The Limited’s new line of wedding jewelry… I’m seriously considering buying a piece to wear on the big day!  Check ’em out:

Twisted Pearls

Oval Stone Drop Earrings

Shell Crystal Flower Studs

Teardrop Chandelier Earrings

Mixed Stone Bracelet

Crystal Leaf Headband

Gorgeous, right?!  I’m thinking a pair of those earrings would be a perfect addition to my wedding day ensemble…

What do you think of The Limited’s wedding jewelry collection?  Which piece do you like best?  Are you a fan of statement jewelry on brides, or do you think it’s a look best saved for other events?  Share your opinion in the comments!

4 May

Wedding Wednesday: What Do You Do On Days When You Can’t Wear Your Wedding Ring? Travis Has A Great Solution!

Last week, in preparation for the hair show at school, I got an airbrush tan.  I went to the tanning place right after school, and I didn’t want to toss my engagement ring in my purse while I was sprayed down, so I left it at home for the day.


Needless to say, I was having mini-panic attacks all day!!  I didn’t realize just how much I play with my ring, and every time my fingers noticed its absence I would freak out!

When I got home after my tan, I put my ring on right away.  But it got me thinking about how terrible it’s going to be when I have to live without my ring for a few weeks before the wedding.  (I’m getting my engagement ring attached to my wedding band, and I don’t want to wear the band until we’re actually married.  So I can’t wear either ring until we’ve actually tied the knot!)

Fortunately, my super-awesome fiance had an easy solution.  He told me I should just buy another ring to wear on that finger for the days that I won’t be able to wear the real thing.  I don’t plan on getting anything fancy, but just having a ring on that finger will make me feel 100% better than I did last week!

Plus, it’ll be perfect to wear even after we’re married when I’m painting or doing other un-diamond-worthy tasks.

Married/engaged gals: do you feel weird on days when you can’t wear your ring?  Do you suck it up, or do you have an alternate ring to put on?  Non-married gals: Do you like Travis’ idea, or should I just go ringless before the wedding?  Tell me about it in the comments!

25 Apr

If I Had $100…

Happy Monday, sweet readers!  I hope you all had a lovely Easter!  Let’s get back into the swing of things with a fun game… what would you do if you had $100 that you had to spend on something fun?  I would…

…buy myself this Tiffany necklace!  I’ve never owned a piece from Tiffany, and it’s so simple and classic.

I have a hard time spending money on frivolous things, but sometimes it’s fun to set aside a chunk of change to spend freely!  I asked Travis what he’d do with the money, and he says he would spend it on a camping trip (fun!!)

What would you do with 100 extra bucks?  Would you enjoy an experience (like a camping trip) or buy yourself an item you’ve been eyeing (like the necklace)?  Or would you spend it on someone else?  Tell me all about it in the comments!

20 Apr

Wedding Wednesday POLL: What Do You Think Of Non-Diamond Engagement Rings?

Ever since Prince William & Kate Middleton got engaged, I’ve seen a burst in non-traditional engagement rings, and I want to know what you think!

Here are a bunch of  engagement rings that feature stones other than diamonds:






Granted, some of these rings have diamonds in them, but having an alternate stone as the main feature really changes things up!  I think these rings are beautiful, but I’m happy having a plain diamond.  My birthstone is sapphire, so I’ve had lots of sapphire rings and necklaces over the years, which makes my diamond feel a little more special.

But I like that women are being a little more original with their ring choices!  My favorite is the last ring, which is aquamarine.

What do you think of them?


Which of these rings do you like best?  Would you (or do you) wear a non-diamond engagement ring?  Which type of stone would you choose?  Tell me what you think in the comments!