29 May

Accessories to Help You Stand Out in the Office

I don’t need to tell you how much time you spend at work. No matter what you do (unless you’re Ryan Gosling’s tailor) you probably wish your job was a little bit better.  Or cuter.

These accessories are guaranteed to make your day a little brigher, and all are under $100!

On Your Desk

These pencil and pen organizers have adorable hand-crocheted covers with hand-embroidered labels.

Show visitors to your bookshelf how wise (and stylish) you are with these ceramic bookends.

If you you geek out over colors, trivia, gadgets, or even keeping notes, this desktop office block is for you. Described as an “interactive daykeeper,” this calendar features black, heat-sensitive squares that fade away to reveal fun trivia facts.  It’s certainly a fun pop of color for your cubicle.

Accessorize Yourself!

This summery bow belt is reminiscent of Kate Spade but priced more like Forever 21.

Similarly pink, this oversized necklace from Anthropologie  will perk you up on afternoons when you’d rather be at lunch with friends.

Add a little whimsy to a plain white button-up with this elephant print top from ASOS.

How do you bring your personality to your desk space?  Do you like wearing bold accessories to stand out at work?  Sound off in the comments!

P.S. Tips on dressing for the office.

22 Mar

Feeling Flighty

Spring has sprung, lovely readers!  And I’ve been noticing cute bird adorned accessories popping up everywhere.  Which reminds me of this hilarious clip from Portlandia.  (Do any of you watch it?)

It’s funny because IT’S SO TRUE! Why do birds make everything cuter?!

Here are a few bird accessories I’ve been lusting after…

This rainbow bird pillow would be so cute in a kid’s room.  (Or mine!)

I’m SO making a DIY bird bookmark!

This be free sparrow necklace is one of a kind!

This bird-adorned coin purse would be awesome for storing makeup on the go.

Are you a fan of bird accessories?  Which is your favorite above?  And do you watch Portlandia?

15 Mar

Welcome To Sneakpeeq!

I’m in an excellent mood today, sweet readers!  Yesterday, I was offered a job as a Copywriter & Assistant Editor for sneakpeeq.com!  Have you heard of it?

sneakpeeq is a super fun e-commerce site for women.  They collect great products— from clothing & accessories to beauty supplies, home decor, and food— and bring it to their members at a seriously low price.  It’s a great mix of well-known brands that you already love and undiscovered designers who have great products and are trying to make a name for themselves.

Here are a few of my favorite items, currently for sale on sneakpeeq…

This adorable high wheeler bike necklace.

A spinning octopus calendar!!

A pair of high-quality leather wristbands.

This comfy wool laptop sleeve.

A delicious box of handcrafted toffee… yum!

By signing up a sneakpeeq and “liking” products or sharing them with your friends via Facebook and Twitter, you earn extra rewards and lots of discounts.

In fact, sign up right here and get $10 off your first purchase at sneakpeeq!

I’m super excited to be joining this team!  And I’ll definitely keep you updated on hot new products from the site!


Have you heard of sneakpeeq?  Are you into getting special online deals?  Are there any specific products you’d love to be getting at a discount right now?  Share in the comments!

9 Mar

Have A Celebratory Weekend!

I’m in the best mood this morning, lovelies!  And I’m thrilled that we’ve made it to Friday because I’m celebrating a dear friend’s birthday with a fun girl’s day and sushi tonight— yay!

I can’t stop drooling over this Kate Spade bracelet..

How to make your own antique mirror.

Pregnant? Take this cute gender prediction quiz!

Want to know how Americans sound to British people?

Upholstered walls!!!

I love shopping the sale section

A bicycle leads to a marriage :)

You’re not as busy as you think you are.

Colorful doors make my heart *swoon*

I’ve always wanted a harmonica necklace

The cutest manicure.

Hope your weekend is a blast!  See you back here with a special guest post on Monday morning, xo.

What are you up to this weekend?  Do you have anything to celebrate?  Or will you be laying low at home?  Got any fun links to share with us?  Share ’em in the comments!

7 Mar

Wedding Wednesday: Pretty Engagement Rings, Which Would You Wear?

Here’s something I haven’t done in years…

Before Travis and I got engaged, I used to secretly (and sometimes not-so-secretly) browse the web looking at engagement rings and fantasizing about him getting down on one knee.  Well it’s been almost two years since he popped the question, and I miss looking at pretty jewelry!

So let’s have some fun lusting over a few engagement rings this morning… and tell me: which would you wear?





I think my favorite is #3… swoon!

Which of these engagement rings do you like best?  Non-engaged girls: do you ever browse the web and pick out your favorites?  Engaged/married girls: Tell us about your ring!  (or better yet, send a photo to kim@blendingbeautiful.com!!)