2 Jul

Swoon-Worthy Jewelry Giveaway!

I had so much fun with last week’s giveaway, I figured… why stop there? This week, I’m thrilled to bring you an extra-special giveaway from one of my new favorite jewelry shops, Modern Tribes.

Each piece of Modern Tribes jewelry is made by hand from recyclable scrap aluminum, so no two are 100% alike. Today’s winner will receive $25 to spend on anything in the shop! (I especially like the Peter Pan collar necklace and the Walk the Line bar bracelet…)

Their simple, modern pieces are easy to layer and go with every outfit. I’d wear the Triangulate Charm necklace with a top knot and coral lipstick.  (They also do custom orders… wouldn’t it be fun to create your own piece?!)

Here’s how to enter:

1) Visit Modern Tribes and leave a comment on this post with your favorite piece for ONE entry.

2) Become a fan of Modern Tribes on Facebook (and tell me about it here) for TWO entries.

3) Become a fan of {blending beautiful} on Facebook (and tell me about it here) for TWO entries.

4) Follow {blending beautiful} on Pinterest (and tell me about it here) for ONE entry.

5) Share this giveaway on your blog/website/facebook page/twitter (and tell me about it here) for FOUR entries.

That’s TEN ways to win! All entries must be in by midnight on Sunday. I’ll announce the randomly-picked winner on the blog on Monday morning. Good luck!

(A few more business-y details:  contest open worldwide, gift voucher expires August 31st, voucher not applicable to shipping costs.)

Update: Congrats to Deb, this week’s winner!

26 Jun

DIY Yarn Necklace

I’ve always got a basketful of yarn in the house to tide me over during knitting sprees.  But my knitting is generally reserved for fall and wintertime, so my pretty yarn doesn’t get much attention in June.  I thought it would be fun to rock a yarn-tastic accessory in the summer months, so I came up with this fun project…

All you need is yarn (you could use one color or many, like I did), thread, a needle, a sewing pin, and scissors.

Step 1: Build your yarn balls by tying your yarn in a knot.  Use the knot as a base to wrap the yarn around itself in varying directions.  A ball will start to form.

Step 2: When you’ve reached your desired size, stick a pin into the ball to hold it into place.  Then, thread your needle with a color that matches your yarn ball and run the thread through the entire ball a few times.  Make sure to alternate directions, so you keep the ball together once the pin comes out.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 & 2 until you have a good handful of yarn balls.  I did mine in varying sizes and colors to keep my necklace extra-playful.

Step 4: Use thread (in any color) to string your balls of yarn together, then tie it off at both ends.

Step 5: Instead of using a chain to complete this necklace, I used more yarn!  Slide a piece through the end of your last ball, then tie a slip knot.  Do the same on the other side.

Step 6: Make sure the yarn is long enough to slip over your head, then tie it off.  And, voila!

Easy enough, right?  This could be a fun summer break project to do with kids.  You can make ’em in all different colors and sizes!

What do you think of my DIY yarn necklace?  Do you ever use yarn for projects other than knitting?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

P.S.- Don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway!

22 Jun

Have a Summery Weekend!

I’m so excited that it’s OFFICIALLY summer!  Trav and I are kicking off the season right with a weekend full of multiple concerts and visits with friends :)  Plus, this weekend is pride in SF, so the energy of the city will be extra-awesome!  But first, let’s check out some fun posts from around the web…

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What are you up to this weekend?  Got any big plans to celebrate the first weekend of summer?  Tell me about ’em in the comments!

20 Jun

Wedding Wednesday: Good News on the Ring Front!

Last week at this time, I was devastated because I’d lost my wedding ring in a big dog park.  THIS week, I’m happy to report that my ring is back on my finger!!

(moments after getting my ring back)

After losing my ring, I put signs up in the park in the hope that if someone stumbled onto it, they’d return it to me.  I went back to the park with a metal detector and searched everywhere for my little ring with no luck.  Then I got a call from a regular at the dog park saying that someone had found it!

Days went by with no contact from this mystery person.  I started to worry that they weren’t planning on returning it to me at all.  But eventually, that amazing call came.  And on Monday evening, my ring was back on my finger!

Randomly cool side note:  the woman that found my ring married her husband on the same day that Trav and I got married last year!

I am beyond happy to have it back, and I am never taking my ring off AGAIN. :)

Have you ever lost something important to you?  Did you get it back?  Do you take your wedding ring off?

P.S. Happy first day of summer!!

13 Jun

Wedding Wednesday: I Lost My Ring!

Lovely readers, yesterday was THE WORST day ever.  I’ve heard plenty of stories over the years about women who lose their wedding rings and now I know first hand just how terrible it is…

(a very awkward picture of my now-naked left hand)

Remember how I’m trying to be better about sunscreen?  Yesterday, I slipped off my ring to apply my SPF.  Rather than placing it by our toothbrushes in our bathroom (like I usually do), I placed it in my bra.  I rushed out the door and drove across the city to a friend’s house to take care of her dog while she was away for the day.  I was in her backyard, her bathroom… all over her house, really.  THEN, I took her dog to a local dog park and played around for an hour or so.

I noticed that my ring was gone toward the end of my time at the dog park, but I assumed it was next to our toothbrushes in the bathroom because that’s where I ALWAYS keep it when my ring is off.  It wasn’t until I got home that I remembered putting the ring in my bra, and by then it was gone.

To be honest, I’m devastated.  We’ve looked everywhere.  I’m working with a ring finder to get him to bring a metal detector to the dog park, but there’s a chance that the ring isn’t even there.  There’s a part of me that’s still holding out hope that it will be found, but the other part of me feels like it’s extremely unrealistic.

Ugh… I’m sorry for the not-so-happy post this morning, but I try to keep the blog honest and this is all I can think about today.

Have you ever lost an important piece of jewelry?  Were you able to find it?  Any tips or tricks?  Please share them in the comments!