20 Jan

Hot Or Not: High-Waisted Jeans

Word on the street is that 2011 will be the year that high waisted jeans make a comeback and I want to know what you think…


If we all looked like the model in the picture above, I would be all over this trend.  There’s something so put together about this look that is cute without any stuffiness.

But you may all remember the Jessica Simpson debacle of 2009, proving that even thin women can look extra-heavy in pants like this.

I’m torn… I don’t want to say this trend is a don’t, but unless I lose 20 pounds, there’s no way I can pull it off… what are your thoughts?


How do you feel about high-waisted jeans making a comeback?  Are you a fan, or should this one be left to the models?  What kind of tops would you pair with high-waisted jeans? Let’s discuss in the comments!

3 Jan

Hot or Not: Sequins

I hope you all had a lovely New Year!  The holiday season meant a lot of sparkly dresses were flying off the shelves, and I want to know if you’re a fan.

Here are a few examples…




Sequins have been trendy for a while, but are they one of those things that look great on models and not on real people?


Are sequins hot or not? Do you own sequined clothes or accessories?  Are they appropriate all the time, or best worn on special occasions?  What about sequined accessories— are you a fan?  Tell me in the comments!

2 Dec

Hot or Not: OPI’s New Glitter Polish

I have a new obsession and I want to know what you think…

OPI recently came out with a line of glitter-packed nail polishes, and I’m a big fan.  Check it out:

This color is called “Show it & Glow it “, and its one 12 polishes that have been released by OPI in conjunction with the new movie, Burlesque.

Here’s what I like about the glitter polish:

-It’s easy to apply… even easier than regular polish because the glitter keeps it from running.

-It dries quickly

-It’s SUPER durable!  I chip nail polish all the time at school, and this stuff is holding up better than anything I’ve ever used!

-It’s PRETTY!!! I think it’s awesome for the holidays!

I’d say that the biggest downside of this polish (or any glittery polish) is that it can be difficult to take off.  My recommendation: soak your fingers in nail polish remover before going at your fingers with a cotton ball.

Ok, I’ve made my case.  Now I want to know what you think!

Do you think glitter polish is hot or not?  Would you wear it?  Do you think it would be cute on toes, or is it better for fingernails?  Let’s chat about glitter polish in the comments!

3 Nov

Hot or Not: Colored Wedding Dresses

This is it, lovely readers!  Travis and I are leaving for the Big Apple this evening, and I could not be more excited!!  But before I jet off, let’s talk about wedding dresses!

I’ve got dresses on the brain, since the Glamour shoot is all about bridal, and I’m wondering what you think about the latest trend in wedding gowns: color.


For the most part, this new trend focuses on pastels.  And light pink seems to be the front-runner.  Personally, I think this look is absolutely gorgeous on the runway, and for the right girly-girl, I think it could be pretty sweet.  But I know for a fact that I could NOT pull of a pastel pink gown on my wedding day.

Do you agree?

What do you think of this trend?  Is it more appropriate for the runway or a wedding day?  Would you like to wear a colored wedding dress?  (If so, what color?!)  Tell me about it in the comments!

P.S… The fabulous KC from Thrifty Solutions For An Urban Gal will be guest posting tomorrow and Friday, so make sure to check back here for some fun posts, and I’ll be back on Monday with a big update on my trip!

21 Sep

Hot or Not: Thigh-Highs

Last week, we talked about the super-hot-for-Fall military trend, and you all seemed really into it.  So, today I want to talk about another big trend this season: thigh highs.  I’ve been secretly admiring them all summer, but this post by KC from Thrifty Solutions for an Urban Gal got me itching to buy a pair right this minute!



I love how the super-high socks have coverage like leggings, but shows just a bit a skin for that sexy Autumn vibe.  What do you think?

Do you think thigh highs are super hot, or are you not a fan?  Would you dare to wear them this Fall?  Have you already rocked a pair… do they stay up well?  Tell me all about it in the comments!