20 Feb

What goes around comes around: Are overalls hot or not?

S0, according to this blog post (which lists approval from a TON of fashion insiders), 90’s fashion continues its popularity with overalls making a big comeback.  Yep, you read that right: OVERALLS.  Seriously, here’s some proof…




I’m not gonna lie, I was a big fan of overalls back in the day.  I was also like ten years old, so my fashion sense certainly had its flaws.  (In 6th grade a wore a black suede newsboy cap pretty much every day.  Not cute.)

Am I alone in thinking this trend is totally bonkers?  Has anyone found a cute/flattering way of wearing overalls?  Please, prove me wrong…

15 Aug

Hot or Not: Cat Eye Sunglasses

Dramatic cat eye frames have been popping up on celebs recently, and now they’re gearing up to be a big trend for fall.  The latest version is a bit chunkier than the classic skinny cat eyes of decades past.  See what I mean?




It’s a look best suited for gals with faces that aren’t round, like mine.  But if they were flattering on my face, I think I’d go for this look.  What about you?

Are you a fan of the “new” cat eye?  Will you sport this updated retro look?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

24 Jan

Hot or Not: Nail Rings

Have you ladies heard of nail rings?  They were totally foreign to me until I stumbled onto yesterday’s post on Cupcakes & Cashmere and saw Emily sporting this little guy:

For the most part, I adore her style.  But I’m not gonna lie… this nail ring freaked me out a bit.  I love painting my ring fingers bright colors to make them stand out, but for whatever reason, this jewelry just isn’t working for me.  Maybe it’s fabulous and I just don’t get it… what do you think?


If this is a look you’re diggin’, you pick up Emily’s nail ring here.

Had you ever heard of nail rings?  Do you think they’re hot or not?  Do any of you ladies own one?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

17 Jan

Hot Or Not: Colored Jeans

Jeans have been popping up in bright colors for a few seasons now, and they’re especially popular in San Francisco, but I haven’t jumped on this trend yet.




I’m curious to know what you think about ’em…

Are you a fan of colored jeans?  Do you own a pair (or two)?  Are there certain colors that are better than others?  Tell me about it in the comments!

12 Dec

Hot or Not: Milkmaid Braids

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of braids, but I seem to go back and forth on this braided hairstyle…

Milkmaid braids have become and indie girl staple, and I’ve even worn them a time or two.  If you’re not sure exactly what I’m referring to, take a look:

A messy version

And a clean one

For the most part, I’d say this look is hot, especially when the milkmaid braid is incorporated into another hairstyle.  But where do you stand?


Do you think milkmaid braids are hot or not?  Have you ever worn one yourself?  Do you prefer the messy version or the clean one?  Share your thoughts in the comments!