26 Oct

Have a Spooky Weekend!

This weekend promises to be very festive! There are lots of gatherings and Travis and I are excited to rock our newly-finished Halloween costumes (I’ll show you guys next week). We still haven’t carved or decorated our pumpkins yet, either, so there’s lots to be done!

Let’s kick off the weekend with some fun links from around the web…

Sneak peek of Mad Men!

Awesome decorations for a Halloween party.

Would you rock spider lashes?

A friend of mine is making these for her sister’s baby shower… so cute!

Cool fall nails.

What a fun way to plant succulents!

Fun eyelash ideas for Halloween.

On my fall wish list: a collar necklace

Are you serious?  PECAN PIE BARS!!

Herringbone floors are my latest design obsession.

What are you up to this weekend?  Going to/hosting any Halloween parties?  What’s your costume this year?  Share in the comments!

15 Oct

Succulent Love

I’ve been a big fan of succulents for years.  They were everywhere at our wedding and now they’re slowly creeping into all the nooks and crannies of our home.

{mini succulents in our window}

{giant ones in our entry}

{surrounding a buddha in my DIY terrarium}

{hanging out in a terracota pot with a cactus}

They’re so beautiful and varied (and so easy to care for!)  I just can’t get enough.

Do you have a favorite flower or plant?  Are you a fan of succulents too?  Do you keep plants in your home?  Share in the comments!

20 Aug

Adorable Organization

Summer’s almost over which means we’ll all be spending more time indoors. But you can look forward to cozying up inside when your house feels super organized.  With the right tools and tricks you can decorate and make more room at the same time!


1. A warm welcome home. If your entryway is cluttered with everything from keys to phone chargers to spare change, create one spot where all of your things can collect in peace. Ikea has a great catch-all with a chalkboard (Kim and Travis have one in their foyer!) for thoughts of the day. This approach is great because you can keep organized with a list-ready spot make sense of it all too.

2. Pet smarts. Do you live in a Dog House? HGTV suggests that your “pet zone” be in the laundry room. However, my dog’s food has a cabinet above the sink.  Storing toys in one spot may seem like a no-brainer, but if you don’t plan ahead, leashes and bones can take over your place!  By keeping all of your pet stuff in a designated space you can keep track of what you have, what disappears the fastest, and enable you to rotate out certain toys so your pup always has something new and interesting.  Keep your eyes open for double-duty organizers: some feeding stations even have hidden storage inside of them.

3) Reconsider your containers. Drawers and silverware caddies can double as jewelry storage. Earrings hooked into framed screens keep accessories from piling on tabletops.  If your home is small, invest in floating shelves or nail a few milk crates to the wall to keep items from cluttering that valuable floor space.

How do you organize your home?  Got any good tips?  Planning to re-organize any rooms in your house?  Let us know!

20 Aug

Interior Inspiration: Bar Cart

There’s a little nook in our living room that Travis and I have decided to fill with a bar cart.  We bought a vintage metal cart at the Alameda Flea Market last year, which we used for dishes in our old apartment.  But now, we’re hoping to re-purpose it to add a little pizazz to our space.

I’ve been hunting around for bar cart inspiration, and here are a few photos I particularly loved…




Once we nail down the look, we’ll have to decide what to stock it with.  Travis and I love to entertain, but we don’t drink much on our own… any must-haves for the bar?

Do you have a bar in your home?  What do you stock it with?  Which of the inspirations above do you like best?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

12 Jun

Pretty Prints On The Cheap

Having art in your home makes it feel unique, personal, and cozy.  But it can also be a challenge to outfit your space without spending a ton of money.  Fortunately, the web makes it easy to find beautiful pieces of art on a budget.

Long considered the online flea market, Etsy is definitely a great source for wall art (and any other sort you can imagine).

The prints on Etsy are often super affordable and really unique.  Check out my full Etsy art wish list, including the pieces below:



Zazzle also has a staggering number of poster categories, so if you desperately need an antique railroad track map or a movie poster from 1967, you’re in luck.

The Print Shop at UrbanOutfitters, features pieces that will give your place some indie flair.


20×200 is a rotating online gallery of limited edition prints.  Each print starts at just $24— they feature styles to suit every home.


And if you want to create your own art, you can send photos straight from Instagram to Instacanvas, starting at just $32!

Where do you buy art for your home?  Do you ever make your own?  Have you used any of the resources above? Sound off here!