26 Oct

Have a Spooky Weekend!

This weekend promises to be very festive! There are lots of gatherings and Travis and I are excited to rock our newly-finished Halloween costumes (I’ll show you guys next week). We still haven’t carved or decorated our pumpkins yet, either, so there’s lots to be done!

Let’s kick off the weekend with some fun links from around the web…

Sneak peek of Mad Men!

Awesome decorations for a Halloween party.

Would you rock spider lashes?

A friend of mine is making these for her sister’s baby shower… so cute!

Cool fall nails.

What a fun way to plant succulents!

Fun eyelash ideas for Halloween.

On my fall wish list: a collar necklace

Are you serious?  PECAN PIE BARS!!

Herringbone floors are my latest design obsession.

What are you up to this weekend?  Going to/hosting any Halloween parties?  What’s your costume this year?  Share in the comments!

25 Oct

Poll: Are You A Halloween Decorator?

Since we live in an apartment, so there’s only so much decorating Travis and I can do for holidays.  I always put out a little something for Halloween, but my holiday of choice for decorating is Christmas.


Travis, on the other hand, can’t wait until we have a “real” house so he can go all-out on decorations.  He has fantasies of creating a haunted house every Halloween and hanging tons of lights each Christmas.

What I look forward to most: trick or treaters!  :)

I’m curious, do you decorate your house on Halloween (or other holidays)?  Have you ever created a haunted house or any other extravagant decor?

17 Oct

Perk Up Your Pumpkins (How should I decorate mine?!)

Travis and I visited the pumpkin patch over the weekend and I’m dying to do something with the pumpkins we found…

Rather than carving— which is always a huge mess and makes the pumpkins decay SO quickly!— I’ve been looking at other fun decorating options.

Cool decoupage

Painted chevron

All-out chalkboard

Gold pumpkin featuring your house number

Now I just have to decide which to do!

Which of these decorating options do you like best?  Got any other non-carving pumpkin ideas?  Planning to try any of these yourself?  Share in the comments!

10 Oct

Un-Cheesy Halloween Nails

I love adjusting my nails based on the season or upcoming holidays, but I’m not a huge fan of childlike nail art.  (Read: pumpkins on every finger.)  So I came up with my own take on “Halloween nails”… what do you think?

I used a tiny brush to paint the detailing, which made the process easy and relatively mess-free.

Do you change up your nail art based on the time of year?  Are you a fan of my Halloween nails?  Have you tried your own version of Halloween nails lately?  Share in the comments!

P.S.- Un-Cheesy Christmas Nails

3 Oct

Halloween Costumes for Couples

I’m still in shock that we’re already three days into October… but the fact remains that Halloween is a mere four weeks away, which means I’ve got costumes on the brain.  I’m a notorious costume switcher.  When I was a kid, I’d prepare a costume for weeks leading up to Halloween, wear it to school, and by the time we went trick-or-treating that night, I would be dressed as something else.  It was too hard to decide!

As an adult, I definitely don’t have the energy for multiple costumes, so I plan to start early this year and stick to one thing.

I love dressing up with Travis, and since we’re going to a costume party, I think it would be fun to go as a duo.  For those of you who are new to the blog, last year we were…

Boobs!  This costume was so easy and so FUN.  We were cracking up all night!

I’ve been pondering this year’s couples costume, and here are a few ideas I like…

A tooth and the tooth fairy

Mary Poppins and Burt

Perfect if you’re pregnant: The solar system and Galileo

And one more that is not a couples costume, but is the cutest thing in the world…

How are you dressing up for Halloween?  Are you coordinating your costume with a significant other or a friend?  Got any other clever couples costume ideas to share?  Spill ’em in the comments!