8 Dec

My Running Wish List— A Gift Guide For Active Girls!

I’ve taken up running more seriously lately, and I’m even training for my first couple of races!  The more I run, the more I realize that old leggings and baggy t-shirts aren’t going to cut it for very long.  So, of course, I’ve been eyeing a bunch of cute and functional runner’s gear and I’ve put together a wish list!  (If you have active ladies in your life, I can pretty much guarantee that any of these would make great holiday gifts!)

1. North Face Fleece Running Jacket, $55  2. Champion sports bra, $16.99  3. Adidas running socks, $10  4. Underarmour Capri leggings, $49.99  5. Nike running shoes, $70

Do you run?  Do you know any ladies who would be excited to see these items under the Christmas tree?  And what’s on your wish list this year?  Share in the comments!

7 Nov

POLL: Would You Get Surgery To Change Your Eye Color?

Have you ladies heard about this?  Scientists think they have discovered a procedure that can safely turn brown eyes blue.


By using lasers, they claim to erase all brown melanin in the eye and then replace it with blue pigment over a two or three week period.  For an estimated $5,000, this irreversible procedure could be available in the U.S. in just 3 years.

I have blue eyes, and I’m perfectly happy with them.  But I don’t think they’re any prettier than brown, or green, or grey ones.  Eye color is such a small piece of our physical beauty… I personally can’t imagine spending all that dough (or risking my eyesight!) just to change the coloring.

But for the 19 million people who wear colored contacts everyday, maybe it seems like a small price to pay… what do you think?


Would you get surgery to alter your eye color?  Do you (or someone you know) wear colored contacts?  If there was no risk and no cost, would that make a difference?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

27 Oct

Childhood Spaces

Poor Travis is so sick!  He’s been feverish and sleepy and, to be honest, I find it adorable.  We’ve been laying low, and I’ve had this overwhelming urge to revert back to my childhood and build an awesome fort…




Aren’t these spaces magical?  I’d never get anything done!

Did you build forts as a kid?  (Or have you built one recently?)  Do you revert back to childhood when you get sick?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

17 Oct

Travis And I Got Our First Tattoos! (Wanna See?)

Today, Travis and I are celebrating our 1 month wedding anniversary, and I thought I’d kick it off by sharing a photo of our most recent adventure…

A year and a half ago, we discussed tattoos on the blog and I revealed that I had been itching for a foot tattoo for quite some time.  Travis and I had talked about getting matching puzzle pieces months ago, but the conversation fizzled out and I didn’t bring it up again because I didn’t want him to get ink unless he really wanted it.

So I was surprised when HE suggested on our honeymoon that we go for it!  We waited a few weeks to make sure that we were both up for it, and just over a week ago, we took the plunge! (A very different plunge than we’d taken on 9.17.11!)

Check it out…

The tattoo took all of 5 minutes, and I was seriously glad that it didn’t last any longer… those things hurt!  But we’re super excited to have them, and they’ll continue to be a reminder of our newly-wedded bliss!

What do you think of our tattoos?  Would you ever get a matching tattoo with someone (your significant other/friend/relative)?  Do you have tattoos??  I’d love to hear about ’em!

18 Jul

Eat Better, Look Better

I had the pleasure of watching a really interesting presentation about food and skin care last week, so I thought I’d share a few tidbits with you!

I think deep down we know this already, but it bears repeating: if you want your skin to look its best, you have to eat and drink the right things.  Here are a few great skin-nourishers… how many of them do you eat?


Berries have antioxidants that help slow down the aging process, and give our skin a healthy, youthful glow.  And did you know that frozen blueberries actually have more antioxidants than fresh ones?  They’re picked and frozen at the absolute peak of freshness, so they’re jam-packed with awesome nutrients.


Water is a no-brainer, but most of us don’t get as much of it as we should.  Make sure you always have a bottle on hand, and you’ll totally see a difference in your skin.


Avocados are packed with B vitamins, which act as an anti-inflammatory and reduce redness in skin.


Almonds contain vitamin E, which moisturizes skin and protects it from harsh UV rays.


Eggs are a good source of vitamin A, which helps produce new skin cells and will help to keep you looking fresh.


Garlic and Onions contain sulphur, which helps to maintain skins’ smooth appearance.  (So happy these are on the list… they are total staples in our house!)


Do you eat many of the foods on this list?  Were you surprised to see any of them on there?  What do you do to keep your skin looking great?  Tell me in the comments!