19 Apr

Happy Earth Day! My Earth Saving (and Money Saving) Favorites

I promise to post a bit later with this week’s baby bump update, but first I want to wish you all a very happy Earth Day!  Obviously, it’s important that we take good care of our planet every day of the year, but I always love this day for reminding me that there’s always a little more that I can do.

Check out this little rundown of some of my favorite earth friendly items (all of which are having sales of some sort to celebrate this weekend!)

1) Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products are safe for the environment, safe for your family (extra important when you’re pregnant or have little ones!), and come in AMAZING scents, like Geranium.  Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner is a great product to start with if you want to try the line.  Enjoy free shipping all weekend!

2) Head to Target this Sunday and pickup a free reusable shopping bag, filled with coupons and samples of their favorite eco-friendly products!

3) Also at Target, Charlie Banana reusable cloth diapers are 15% off when you buy two.  These are the diapers we plan on using for baby girl… I’ve heard great things and can’t wait to try them.

4) Amazon is holding sales on all kinds of Earth-friendly products this weekend, but I’m especially enamored by the pretty bamboo servingware, which is 15%.

5) I love Zoya nail polish because it goes on evenly and comes in great colors.  Plus, it’s more natural than many other polish brands, free of harsh chemicals like formaldehyde.  This weekend, buy 6-24 Zoya polishes and get them half off when you enter the code ZOYAEARTH2013.  When you receive your order, send them 6 old polishes in your collection and they’ll dispose of them in an earth-friendly way!

How are you celebrating Earth Day?  Plan on taking advantage of any of these great deals?  Got some eco-friendly ideas of your own to share?  Spill in the comments!

24 Oct

World Series!

I know that {blending beautiful} is a girly blog, but I hope you’ll excuse me today…  San Francisco is in a frenzy because our Giants are going to the World Series, and I am oh-so-excited!

The Giants clinched the pennant on Monday in a dramatic downpour that only added to the drama.  I stumbled onto these photos of the big win, and they just melt my heart…

{all photos via}

I love seeing grown men turn into little boys :)

The Series starts tonight in San Francisco.  Go Giants!!

16 Aug


Travis and I just moved to a quieter neighborhood where walking to shops and restaurants is possible, but less convenient that it was at our old place. So we’re in the market for new bikes, and of COURSE I stumbled onto this beautiful San Francisco company…

Have you heard of PUBLIC?  They make the coolest looking retro-inspired city bikes.  (I’d love to buy the model above and add a wicker bike basket to it!)

Actual vintage bikes have old-school technology, which makes them heavier and more difficult to ride.  So, I love the idea of getting the benefit of new technology while still achieving that old fashioned look.

PUBLIC bikes aren’t exactly cheap, but they’re having a sale at the moment, so I might just have to make my move…

Do you bike around your neighborhood?  What style/brand of bike do you use?  Are you a fan of the vintage bicycle look?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

13 Aug

Let’s Talk About Kale

I’ve taken a new approach to eating lately.  Over the years, I’ve focused a lot more on caloric intake than the nutritional value of the foods that I consume.  And although counting calories definitely makes a difference in my weight, I always end up feeling hungry and end up sabotaging my “diet” altogether.  So, lately I’ve decided to do a 180.

In an effort to feel healthy and balanced, I’m choosing to pay more attention to the food I eat and have stopped counting calories entirely.  One of the foods that I’m trying to incorporate into my daily meals is kale.


Have you tried it?  It’s FULL of amazing vitamins, folic acid, fiber, you name it.  Buuuut it’s not the BEST tasting veggie, in my humble opinion.  For the past week or so, Travis and I have been hiding it in berry smoothies (which totally works and is a great way to start the day!)

But I’d love to find some other creative ways to prepare it…

My friend mixes it into her salads.  I’ve tried kale chips, which apparently you can make at home.  And obviously we could steam it (though that seems a little… meh.)  Got any advice for me?

Have you tried kale?  Got any favorite preparation methods or recipes?  What other “super foods” do you love/recommend?  Please share your advice in the comments!

9 Aug

The Art of Being Alone

So, it’s Friday night and you don’t have any plans. Not because you don’t have any options, but because you chose to be alone. Some of you may think it’s a crazy proposition… but is it?


In a world where we are constantly connected— inundated by the noise of texting, Facebook, Twitter, and email alerts; blaring Pandora in our headphones; going from work to gym to play— it can be shocking to sit still in a quiet house.  On the other hand, it can be a reprieve to find some solitude in your hectic life. It can feel as though you have your own space to call yours and the rest of the world is shut out, even if only for a night.

Our society seems to connect being alone to loneliness, when in fact these are two very different things. Alone time is truly so important. It’s a time where we don’t have to be anywhere, we don’t have to get ready for anyone or anything, and we can just be.

So, what can you do when you’re alone? You can do a little bit of nothing, which many times, includes the things we never make time to do. Try any of the below for some satisfying downtime away from your hectic go-go-go schedule.

1. Pamper your oh-so-deserving self. I feel like I’m always in a rush to get ready. When I finally have some “me time” I like to do some extra feel-good steps: put a good-smelling lotion on after a shower, use a facemask, exfoliate, whiten my teeth … you get the idea.

2. Make that long overdue phone call to a friend or family member.

3. Lay in bed (because none of us actually spend enough time there!) and get lost in a magazine, or even better, a book.

4. Do the little things you’ve been putting off. Order prints of your most recent photos to fill that empty frame or deep clean your bathroom. (Yes, cleaning isn’t that glamorous but it’s oddly therapeutic.)

5. Cook. When was the last time you actually made a meal that involved more thought than which Lean Cuisine you should microwave? It’s so much easier to get take-out, I know. But there’s something soothing about using your hands to make something and a house that smells like baked goodness. Real Simple and Cooking Light have great recipes and the blog Carrots ‘N Cake has innovative healthy ones, too.

If you’re feeling ambitious, try a digital detox for a night. And for some more feel-good things to try, check out these YOLO-inspired ideas.

Come the next morning, I guarantee you’ll feel recharged just by doing something for you. Even if that something was a little bit of nothing!

What are your thoughts on spending some quality alone time? Do you have any favorite ways to wind down? Share them below!