13 Jul

Have a Marvelous Weekend!

What are you up to this weekend, lovely readers? Travis and I are heading back home to sell at our local flea market! In preparation for next month’s move, we’re selling a bunch of clothes and furniture to make room for some fun new items :)

Let’s kick off the weekend with some fun finds from around the web…

My mantra for the week.

A vintage-inspired hair tutorial.

Polka dot jeans are officially on my wish list!

How beautiful are these sand bowls?

Cool striped nails!

A pretty way to organize your planner

Seriously tempted to try my hand at this awesome circle skirt.

Do I really have to wait ’til October for pumpkin snickerdoodles?

Polka dotted walls!

Cute kiddo :)

Feel free to check out more of my favorite finds on Pinterest

What are you up to this weekend?  Got any fun plans?  Ever sold at a flea market before?  Share in the comments!

6 Jul

Have A Splendid Weekend!

Happy Friday, lovelies!  Are you doing anything fun this weekend?  Travis and I are attempting the daunting task of organizing our storage unit.  Not the most fabulous of plans, but don’t you just love that feeling of being super organized?  Fortunately, we’re planning on rewarding ourselves with homemade Junior Mints.

Before I start digging through everything from camping stuff to my old cosmetology mannequins (remember those?), let’s kick off the weekend with some fun links from around the web…

Isn’t henna so beautiful?!

These vintage ads will remind you to celebrate your curves.

Mimic the look of fancy calligraphy!

A lacy bra that’s meant for peeking out from under your shirt…

Awesome outfit inspiration.

A clever makeup trick if you have hooded lids (like me!)

I can’t wait until my hair grows out so I can replicate these adorable looks

A portrait of Marilyn Monroe… using people!

Refrigerator magnets out of Scrabble tiles.

So many beautiful stripes!!

A clever way to balance your drink on the sofa…

A beautiful turquoise ring.

And don’t forget to enter this week’s jewelry giveaway by Sunday night!

What are you up to this weekend?  Got any fun plans?  Any tips for organizing an overwhelming storage space?  (I’ll gladly take ’em!)

5 Jul

Tips on Looking Effortlessly Good in the Heat

Well, it’s that time of year. The sun’s out and temperatures are rising (unless, like me, you’re in foggy San Francisco). But for the majority of you, this change in weather means it’s time to shift your beauty habits a bit.

With heat and humidity, and especially if you’re hitting the beach or pool, you don’t want globs of makeup on your face. Nor do you want to slave away with your straightener when you know your hair will frizz the instant you set foot out of the A/C.

So, here are some tips on looking oh-so-beachy in the most effortless way possible, whether you’re lounging in Cabo, poolside in Vegas, or just too darn hot at home to fuss with your “look” too much.

Wonder Waves


When summer is on the horizon, women’s magazines tout miracle products for “beach waves,” which are often just expensive bottled salt water. But alas, I have a cheap and effective secret to beach waves. Ladies, let me introduce to you Garnier Fructis’ Wonder Waves, available at most drugstores.

Please, do your bank account a favor and forget about the overly hyped Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. It’s $25 and seems luxuriously beachy because of its salt water-ish scent, but I’ve found it doesn’t work that well compared to the $4 Wonder Waves. Even my less-wavy-haired friends have found this to work wonders (pun intended).

Simply spray it on wet or damp hair and be generous if you’d like; it never gets that crunchy, gel-like feeling. Then, toss it in your beach bag for post-swim touch ups. Just spray and scrunch!

Waterproof It


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all look great sans makeup when we’re at the pool? Thank your lucky stars if you do! But with my fair skin, I definitely want a little something to even out my complexion and give me some color.

Fortunately, Hourglass invented a water resistant primer that gives makeup staying power despite water and sweat – plus, it has SPF 15. After cleansing and moisturizing, put on Hourglass’ Mineral Veil Primer and then sweep on whatever face makeup you’d like. Take a dive into the pool and see what happens. You’ll be amazed!

Get balmy


When it comes to our lips, we want it all– hydration, protection, and a pop of color. Look to tinted lip balms to satisfy all of the above and liven up your beach look. I recommend Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15. It’s super moisturizing and available in five colors, including on-trend coral and my personal fave, the rosé.

But, because I’ve put myself on a drugstore budget, I scoured Walgreens and CVS for a cheaper facsimile. Cover Girl wins out with its Natureluxe Gloss Balm, which has SPF 15 and comes in an assortment of shades for a sheer, beach-appropriate wash of color. Can’t beat that for $7-8, depending on you drugstore of choice.

Do you swear by any beauty secrets for steamy summer days or tropical vacations? Have you tried any of the products above?  We’re all ears and would love to hear your ideas in the comments!

P.S.- Enter this week’s jewelry giveaway by clicking here.

29 Jun

Have A Tasty Weekend!

Happy Friday, my sweets!  Doing anything fun this weekend?  Travis and I are going to a beer and bbq tasting on Saturday!  I’m not much of a beer drinker, but tastings are always fun (and I’ll never say no to bbq!)

Before we kick off the weekend with fun links, I’d like to congratulate Julie Hawkins, the winner of this week’s Benefit bronzer giveaway!  (For those that didn’t win: I’m doing another awesome giveaway on Monday, so check back!)

Origami shadow art!

Creative gift wrapping ideas.

Have you heard of the no-heart curl technique?  Here’s a tutorial.

A powerful story about The Beatles’ “Let it Be”.

DIY glitter polish!

Such a pretty wedding ring…

Love this skirt!

Cute tush :)

BRILLIANT craft table.

And a few {bb} posts you may have missed…

Heart garlands…

Warm weather nail polish faves.

Five reasons to hire a videographer for your wedding.

Are you a beer drinker?  (Ever been to a tasting?)  What are you up to this weekend?  Any fun plans?  Share in the comments!

28 Jun

A Luxurious Spa Day… at Home!

We all paint our nails at home and sometimes we color our hair, but every once in a while, it’s fun to have an all-out spa day.  You could drop $500 at the spa, but budget-minded gals know how to create the perfect spa environment at home.


Invite a girlfriend or two to join you.  Make sure you pick up a bottle of champagne and turn “Spa Radio” on Pandora to get your spa day off to a perfectly relaxing start.

Treatment 1: Hair Repair Masque

Mix one mashed banana, one egg, three tablespoons of honey, three tablespoons of milk and five tablespoons of olive oil together in a bowl.  Apply the masque to dry hair, cover with a shower cap, and let it sit for 30 minutes.  This mixture will add strength and gloss to your hair, especially perfect if it’s color treated or if you use a lot of heat styling.

Treatment 2:  Prep Your Nails

While your hair masque is doing its work, take some time to prep your nails the way the pros do.  Soak your hands and feet in warm, soapy water for 5-10 minutes to soften your skin and nail beds.  Then, clip and file as necessary.  (Don’t forget to gently clip stray cuticles!)  Finish off by rubbing a little olive oil onto the tip of each finger and toe.

Treatment 3: Exfoliation

Mix 1/2 cup brown sugar, three tablespoons olive oil, and a few drops of water.  Step into your shower without turning on the water and rub this body scrub all over in circular motions.  When you’re done, remove your shower cap and rinse out the hair repair masque while you rinse away the scrub.

Treatment 4: Deep Conditioner

Now that you’ve fortified your hair with a masque, seal in the moisture with a deep conditioning treatment.  Before you step out of the shower, wring your hair as dry as possible.  Then lather your hair with your regular conditioner.  Did you know that by leaving regular conditioner on your hair for an extended time, it will penetrate deeper?  Put your shower cap back on and step out of the shower.

Treatment 5: Face Mask

Your shower cap will keep all of those pesky stray hairs out of the way, so this is a perfect time for a face mask!  Mix two tablespoons honey, one teaspoon nutmeg, and one teaspoon cinnamon.  Nutmeg and honey are anti-inflammatories, so they’ll soothe and calm your skin.  Leave the mask on for 30 minutes, then hop back in the shower and rinse both your face and hair.

Treatment 6: Polish Your Nails

When you step out of the shower, slather your body with your favorite lotion (I love anything with deeply moisturizing shea butter).  Since your nails have already been prepped, it’s time to finish off your spa day with some polish!  If you have a friend over, you can paint each other’s nails.  Otherwise, take your time, choose a spa-worthy color, and go to town.  If you get polish on your skin, dip a small paint brush in nail polish remover to get rid of the excess without smudging your manicure.

Have you ever done an at-home spa day?  Got any other good treatments to recommend?  Tried any of the ones above?  Share your experience in the comments!

P.S.- Today is the last day to enter the Benefit Bronzer Giveaway.