11 Sep

Hot or Not: Denim Jackets

I recently picked up a denim jacket to wear in Italy (and all through fall!)  I’ve been swooning over the different ways to wear this look— with maxi dresses, skinny jeans, mini skirts, and beyond…




I love the effortlessly feminine feel of denim (especially with the sleeves rolled!) What are your thoughts?

Do you own a denim jacket?  What outfits do you wear it with?  Are a fan of this look?  Share in the comments!

7 Sep

Have a Wonderful Weekend

I can’t believe that this is our last weekend before our big Italy trip!  I couldn’t be more excited… There’s lots to do (and I’m working all weekend on top of it), but it’ll all be worth it when we hop on that plane Wednesday.

I hope your weekend is lovely!  Let’s kick it off with some share-worthy finds from around the web, shall we?

Dream bedroom.

Can’t wait to wear cute floppy beanies this fall :)

The beauty of aging.

I’m drooling over this duvet!

Easy, beautiful updo for long hair.

Just picked up this legendary eyeshadow primer… can’t wait to give it a try!

DIY room scents…

10 recipes every home chef should know (I definitely don’t know all of them :/)

And a few {bb} posts you may have missed:

How to do a top knot.

DIY yarn necklace.

Wedding inspiration for short haired gals!

What are you up to this weekend?  Got any big plans?  Want to share a cool link?  Comment below!

31 Aug

Have a Luxurious Weekend!

I love long weekends, don’t you?!  This one promises to be extra-great… I have shopping trips, family visits, and a little work planned.  Labor day weekend always gets me excited because it signals the winding down of summer.  Fall has always been my favorite season, and we have lots to look forward to in the coming months.

{blending beautiful} is going to take a long weekend as well, so I’ll see all of you lovelies back here on Tuesday.  But before I go, let’s visit these fun links from around the web, shall we?

Gorgeous updo!

The sweetest. video. ever.

A rundown of the best hairdryers (the winner only costs $30!)

Identical twins prove that how you dress can really age you.

Supermodels as kids.

Have you heard of Yes Day? What a neat idea!

I would never leave this waterfall shower

Keri Russel’s home is to-die-for!

This rainbow cheesecake looks too pretty to eat!

Cool tattoo.

Can’t wait for winter coats!!

Make your inner liner last

What are you up to this long weekend?  Headed out of town?  Hanging outside?  Got any links of your own to share?

22 Aug

Dressing For Portland With $100

Travis and I are off to Portland tomorrow morning!  He planned out our whole trip and surprised me last week with a long weekend getaway… isn’t he the best?!  I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.  Portland is known for its gloomy weather, but the temperature is supposed to be in the 70’s and 80’s while we’re there :)  So I put together this comfy-cute outfit, perfect for exploring the city and enjoying the sun.

1. Retro Sunnies ($11.99) ~ 2. Mint Sweater ($24.95) ~ 3. Oversized Watch ($12.99)

4. Vintage Tote ($10.22) ~ 5. Lightweight Shorts ($11.50) ~ 6. Boat Shoes ($29.95)

Grand Total: $101.60

Any tips for us on our Portland trip?  (Ever been?  Where should we go?!)  What do you think of the outfit above?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

17 Aug

Have A Beautiful Weekend!

This week has flown by, and I couldn’t be happier because this weekend is full of excitement!  The main event: Travis and I are putting on our wedding ensembles (or slightly tweaked versions of them) and doing a photo shoot with one of my favorite photographers, Susannah Gill.  Check out her lovely blog for photos of her latest work… I love how she captures sweet little moments between her clients that might otherwise be missed.

But before we jump into all that photo shoot fun, let’s check out some browse-worthy links from around the web…

I made this keychain last night at the California Academy of Sciences’ Nightlife!  (It was hosted by a craft fair :)

Do you schedule sex?

This before and after kitchen makeover is awesome… what an upgrade!

Love this Babushka carafe.

I can’t wait for Fall to begin so I can start wearing tights again :)

The best shade of blush for your skin tone.

Simple, beautiful bangles.

Cute birthday card tutorial!

I adore everything about this gal’s hair

Antique engagement rings are swoon-worthy, don’t you think?

This makes me smile :)

And follow me on Pinterest for more fun finds!

What are you up to this weekend?  Got any fun plans?  Would you ever do a second photo shoot in your wedding attire?  (Even 11 months after the wedding, like us?!)  Share your thoughts in the comments!