26 Jul

Break a Sweat, and Look Good Doing It!

My dad is an ultra runner, which means that a couple times a year, I get to see him run marathons.  Yesterday, he ran the San Francisco Marathon and kicked some serious butt— it was such a blast to be a part of!  Each time I watch him complete one of these races, I get super inspired to begin a serious exercise regimen myself, and this marathon was no exception.

In order to give myself more of a nudge, I scoured the internet for some cute workout gear… check it out:

Even if you’re the only one who’ll be seeing your sports bra, it’s fun to look cute underneath your clothes!  This is one of many cute bra patterns at Old Navy.

Old Navy also makes cute, lightweight sweatshirts.  And at $8 a pop, you can afford to get one in every color!

If you’re looking for a sturdy (and cute!) pair of running shoes, check out this option from Nike.

I love these running skirts!  What a fun way to feel girly while breaking a sweat!

And keep all your workout gear in this adorable bag by Dakine.

I think this just might be the push I need to get myself in shape!  (If nothing else, I do have a wedding to look good for!)

Is it important to you to look cute while you work out?  Are you more likely to get out there and break a sweat if you feel put-together?  Do you have any workout goals you’re trying to attain?  Tell me about it in the comments!

8 Jul

Hot Ways to Cool Down This Summer…

I can’t believe it, but we’ve officially been living in our new apartment for a whole week already!  Moving out of San Francisco has prompted a lot of adjustments in my life, but I’d say the most major one is the weather.  Living in a town without an ocean breeze is completely foreign to me, and I have been grateful all week for our pool!

I shouldn’t be complaining… I hear you East Coast ladies are really having a rough go of it.

We clearly need to brainstorm some hot solutions to this super-hot weather:

Big, floppy hats are so chic and really do wonders!  Get this one at your local Target.

I just bought these yellow sandals from Old Navy (they come in a bunch of other cute colors, too!) My feet feel so cool and free when I wear them!

My all-time favorite drink of the summer: lemonade with a shot of vodka and a sprig of fresh mint!  Soo refreshing and easy to make!

Or you could just pick up a cool retro fan to stick in your home or office (just watch those fingers!)

How are you staying cool in this sweltering summer heat?  Have you tried any of the items above?  Got a great idea of your own?  Share it in the comments!

23 Jun

Wednesday Wishlist

Just wanted to share a few items I found around the web this week.  Sigh… so lovely…

This may be the most flattering dress on earth!  And doesn’t it look comfy?

Great prints, great colors— love these pillows!

I’m all about earthy, modern design.  If only I had $400 to blow on this coffee table from CB2.

Enough said.

This summery tunic is begging to be paired with a big floppy hat and a poolside lounge chair!

What do you think of these items, ladies?  And what’s on your current wishlist?

15 Jun

Let’s Play Would You Rather—Beauty Edition!

It’s a busy morning in our house today, but I couldn’t leave you all hanging, so I’m going to take a cue from Glamour.com and set up a beauty version of the game “Would You Rather?”

Want to play?

photo courtesy of tj scenes

How did you answer?  Were any of them especially difficult?  Or easy?  Tell me about it in the comments!

14 Jun

Bathing Suit Bliss!

The weather has been amazing in San Francisco (finally!), so I’m in the mood to do a little bathing suit shopping.  Join me, won’t you?

I love the brightly-colored simplicity of the Old Navy Mix-and-Match collection.  Each piece is between $16.50 and $19.50— not bad! (Also, I am so happy to see boyshorts again!)

Old Navy also has some great one-piece options like this flirty number!

I’m a big fan of anything reversible… why not get two for the price of one?  This suit from Target is basic black on one side and pumped-up yellow on the other! (Bonus— it’s under $15!)

I’m not sure I’m girly enough to pull this one off, but I think this blue Kenneth Cole suit is adorable!  It’s on sale at Macy’s, if you’re interested!

This DKNY number may be my favorite of the bunch!  It’s super nautical and casual-cool.  This one’s on sale at Macy’s, too!

Which of these suits is your favorite?  Is anyone else happy to see that boyshorts are making a comeback?  Have you bought a swimsuit (or three) yet this season?