4 Jan

Glamour Magazine Is Here! Want The Inside Scoop?!

Finally, the day has come!  I’ve been dying to show you behind-the-scenes photos from the Glamour Vera Wang photo shoot for months!

Here’s the photo from the magazine, taken by Patrick Demarchelier:

And here are a few fun photos from the set…

Photo shoot in progress…

Me & Vera Wang!!

Me & Patrick Demarchelier!!

I had such an amazing time, and I can’t even begin to thank Glamour enough for the opportunity!  Check out the other gorgeous brides here, and pick up the February issue of Glamour to see it in print!

P.S.- Glamour is giving away 30 of Vera’s gowns for 30 days!  If you or someone you know is getting married, get more info by clicking here!

3 Jan

Hot or Not: Sequins

I hope you all had a lovely New Year!  The holiday season meant a lot of sparkly dresses were flying off the shelves, and I want to know if you’re a fan.

Here are a few examples…




Sequins have been trendy for a while, but are they one of those things that look great on models and not on real people?


Are sequins hot or not? Do you own sequined clothes or accessories?  Are they appropriate all the time, or best worn on special occasions?  What about sequined accessories— are you a fan?  Tell me in the comments!

30 Dec

Stacking Rings

Ever since Travis and I got engaged, I haven’t really worn any other rings.  I have a number of cute rings that I’ve collected over the years, and before I got the ring, I wore them all the time.  I probably won’t be wearing anything too flashy, but I would totally make an exception for stacking rings.

I am beyond obsessed with them lately, so I thought I’d do a little virtual shopping on this cozy Thursday morning…






Are you a fan of stacking rings?  Which of these is your favorite?  Would you (or do you) wear other rings while also wearing your engagement/wedding ring?  Tell me what you think in the comments!

27 Dec

Modified Tent Dress

Sorry for the late post today, lovely readers.  Travis’ birthday was yesterday, and that combined with the craziness of the holidays has me moving a little slower today… but I hope you all had a super fantastic Christmas!

Travis and I got to dress up for Christmas Eve, and because of our tight, we’re-paying-for-a-wedding budget, I was not into spending money on a new dress.  So I decided to make a new dress out of one that I already owned.

The original dress had baggy, 3/4 length sleeves and fell wide enough from my body that it needed some sort of belt.  I rarely wore it because the combination of baggy sleeves and baggy body was a little overwhelming.  (Similar to the one below.)


So, I cut off the sleeves to mellow it out a bit, and instead of using a regular belt, I came up with an idea that I am super in love with…

I put a cute headband around my waist!  I totally failed at getting a full-body shot of myself in this outfit, but this one will give you the idea.

The headband was $3.80 from Forever 21 (get it here) and the dress was handed down to me by a friend, so overall, this was a very inexpensive transformation.

What do you think of my modified dress?  Have you ever used unlikely accessories for reasons other than what they’re intended for?  Did you get to dress up for Christmas?

20 Dec

Need Some Last Minute Gift Ideas? Look No Further!

In case you didn’t know, Christmas is in five days.  And if you’re like me and haven’t purchased all of your gifts, it’s time to get into gear!  Whether you’re into D.I.Y. or you want to pick something up, here are a few last minute gift ideas to throw together this week…


A cozy cocoa basket.

D.I.Y.: Make or buy some high quality marshmallows, wrap up some cocoa, and find a cute mug to pair with it.  Finish it off with a candy cane or some cinnamon sticks!

To buy: Get a pre-made cocoa set on Etsy for $15.

Something knitted. My general rule is that you should never knit a gift for someone who doesn’t knit— knitting takes a long time, and you want the recipient to appreciate it!  But if you’re a good knitter, it won’t take long to bust out a quick scarf.  And if you pick plush yarn, it’s sure to be a hit!

D.I.Y.: Go to knitting on the net for patterns and ideas.

To buy: Everyone is selling cute knitwear this time of year, but I’m especially loving the affordable selection at Forever 21.


Music. I don’t know many people who wouldn’t enjoy some new tunes for Christmas…

D.I.Y.: Make a good old fashioned mix-tape (well, mix-CD) through your itunes and design a fun album cover with photos of you and the recipient.

To buy: If you know someone really well, go ahead and buy them that new Weird Al CD you know they’ve been eyeing.  Otherwise, pick up a gift card for your local record store and pop it in a cute card.


Jewelry. A great gift for someone you know well… please don’t give jewelry to just anyone.

D.I.Y.: If you’re already pretty crafty, making  jewelry can be relatively easy and fun.  Many towns have a local bead shop, so look for yours online and get beading!  (Many of these bead shops have classes that can help if you need it!)

To buy: H&M has great jewelry if you’re on a budget, and for those looking to spend a little more, Anthropologie has some awesome choices as well.

Do you have any last minute gifts to get this year?  Do any of these items fit the bill?  Got any other last minute gift ideas to share?  Tell me about it in the comments!