14 Mar

Transform your old furniture from funky to fabulous!

I was reading this fun post from a cute blog called A Little Green Notebook over the weekend and I just had to share it with you guys!  The author, Jenny, converted this ugly old credenza into a totally fabulous piece of furniture, just by painting it red. (For those of you who don’t know, I am obsessed with credenzas and can’t wait until I live in an apartment big enough to house one!)

Check out the before and after photos…

BEFORE (the credenza is on the right, obviously)


Isn’t it adorable?!  And get this— she used spray paint!

My mom and I did a similar project last year.  We painted an old entertainment center a cranberry red and then gave it an antique finish.  It was definitely labor intensive, but it was super inexpensive and now my mom has a totally one-of-a-kind piece of furniture in her home!

What do you think of Jenny’s credenza?  Have you ever re-vamped a piece of furniture by painting it?  Do you have any other tips for making old furniture feel brand new?  Share your experience in the comments section!

9 Feb

Spice up your kitchen!

When it comes to decorating, one of the easiest ways to spruce up a space is through art.  Art can provide necessary pops of color and it can be changed to suit your mood.

About a year ago, after Travis and I had fully settled into our first apartment, I realized that there was one room in our house without a fully decorated feel: the kitchen.

The kitchen is often forgotten when it comes to wall art, but finding the right piece can make your space look warm and inviting.

Check out the fun, kitchen-themed piece we created for under $30:

Want to try it yourself?  You will need:

-wooden utensils

-a placemat

-a picture frame


-elmer’s glue

We bought the utensils at IKEA (they come in a bundle of three) for $0.49/bundle.

We chose the placemat for texture, since we knew we’d be getting our color from the utensils.  This IKEA mat is only $0.99!

Last, purchase a large frame to put these babies in!  Here’s the one we bought from IKEA.


1) Paint the utensils completely— front, side, and back (they are three dimensional, so if you only paint the front, you’ll be able to see the un-painted sides after you hang it.)  For this step you can use spray paint, or you can buy paint from any craft store.  We used paint that we had lying around the house, and we mixed our own color!

2) While the paint is drying (this won’t take long, since the wood absorbs much of the color) cut the placemat to fit the opening of the frame.

3) Glue the placemat to the back of the frame.

4) Glue the utensils to the placemat.

5) Wait for them to dry (we made this mistake, and we had falling utensils!) before you lean upright.

6) Hang and enjoy the compliments you’ll get on your cool project!

What kind of art do you have in your kitchen?  Have you done a Do-It-Yourself project that you’re especially proud of?

1 Feb

The Renter's Design Solution!

Maybe it’s because rent is due today, or perhaps it’s just because I’m always looking for a way to make our apartment feel more homey, but I flipped over this adorable design idea:

These decals can be applied safely to any wall in your home to add instant      color and ambiance.  I have been soo frustrated with our all-white walls  (some landlords allow tenants to paint… sadly, we are stuck with these  sterile puppies.)  But the decals to the left make this white wall look totally  updated and fabulous.

Meanwhile, the decal below creates an instant accent wall.

The best part about these decals is they’re budget friendly and easy to find.  There are websites all over the internet that sell these larger decals for under $100.  (I found the ones you see here.)  There are also opportunities to create your own custom decals through many of the sites.  And, they peel off easily without damaging the walls of your apartment!

I am definitely getting one— but now I have to decide which I like best!

Any opinions?  Check out the site and tell me which is your favorite!  Has anyone actually put these up before?  It’s supposed to be easy… but IKEA instructions are supposed to be easy and we all know that isn’t true.  (My favorite episode of The Amazing Race is when the teams were challenged to put together IKEA furniture… but that is another story!)