6 Jan

Beautiful Bathrooms…

My parents are in the process of updating a bathroom in preparation for the wedding (am I lucky to have them, or what?!), which has me fantasizing about the bathroom remodels Travis and I will get to do one day…

Check out these great bathroom spaces:






I can’t wait to show you guys photos of my parents’ renovation!

Are you as obsession with remodeling as I am?  Which of these bathrooms is your favorite?  Do you fantasize about future renovations?  Ever re-done a bathroom?  Tell me about it in the comments!

{ posted: Thursday, January 6, 2011 }


Comments: {3}

  • KC writes:

    i LOOOOVE a good before and after…(check my post today…great minds think alike!)

  • Mariposa writes:

    Remodeling is a difficult, messy, and EXPENSIVE project. I’ve lived through and directed an entire house rebuild (after a fire) and an extensive bathroom and kitchen remodel, plus adding skylights. The end results were GREAT! But it was all very stressful, and I am an easy going person. I was surprised at how nervous the actual construction made me! It’s nerve-wracking, if you have to live in the space during remodeling. Good quality fixtures and appliances (in the case of a kitchen)are very expensive. I’d bet the average bathroom remodel would cost around $5000, minimum. Kitchen is FAR MORE expensive. Of course one can go for paint, decorations, etc. for a lot less. I HOPE I NEVER HAVE to REMODEL AGAIN!

  • Noel writes:

    We are remodeling our house right now and the bathrooms are last on the list, despite my excitement. We are doing it all ourselves, and I agree with Mariposa, it is messy, expensive, and stressful. That being said, I really love the rustic bathroom above. Maybe in my dream house!

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