13 Mar

Seven Months Old!

Yikes… what a crazy couple of months it has been.  Hazel turned 7 months three whole weeks ago and I am just now able to blog about it.  Heart of Hazel has taken on a life of its own, which is super exciting!  But it also means that I am crazy busy.  And with a babe who seems to have a distaste for night time sleep the past few months, I am also unbelievably tired.

That said, here’s my sweet 7 month old girl:

As I was editing this photo, I looked back on her 5 month picture and I honestly can’t believe how much older she looks!  Every day she is bigger, more vocal and mobile, has more hair and seems to understand her surroundings more and more.  And while her waking-up-every-1.5-hours-to-nurse is getting SO old, I feel this desperate need to soak in every little piece of her while she’s still a baby.

My little love is still chatty as ever, but her real struggle right now is learning to crawl.  She has the arm strength and can do the right motions with her legs, but she hasn’t been able to put the two together yet.  Poor thing just lays on her tummy and grunts, kicking her legs as if it will propel her forward.  It’s kind of heartbreaking, but I’m trying to give her the space to figure it out before I swoop in and prop her back up to sitting.

Because she’s so close to becoming mobile, Travis and I are coming up with a game plan for baby proofing.  I’m hoping we can find a way to do it without completely sacrificing the look of our home, but I’m probably kidding myself :)

{ posted: Thursday, March 13, 2014 }


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