World Series!

I know that {blending beautiful} is a girly blog, but I hope you’ll excuse me today…  San Francisco is in a frenzy because our Giants are going to the World Series, and I am oh-so-excited!

The Giants clinched the pennant on Monday in a dramatic downpour that only added to the drama.  I stumbled onto these photos of the big win, and they just melt my heart…

{all photos via}

I love seeing grown men turn into little boys :)

The Series starts tonight in San Francisco.  Go Giants!!


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Wedding Album Love

Sorry for the late post today, my sweets!  This is such a busy week and the hours are just flying by…

I’m excited to share a few snapshots of our wedding album with you, if you’d like to see.

Nevermind that we’ve been married over a year already.  I was the ultimate procrastinator and didn’t put our wedding album together until a couple weeks ago.  This is not a sponsored post, but I have to give serious props to the company we used, Photobook America.

The quality of our album is awesome, and I was able to put the entire thing together myself with an easy-to-use downloadable software from the site.  When it’s time to order, you can choose all kinds of fancy options to make your album extra-snazzy.  We chose not to go above and beyond, and our book still turned out beautiful!

If you’re thinking of ordering an album of your own (I’m thinking a custom photo book would make great holiday gifts!), become a fan of Photobook America on facebook for a 40% discount!


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Quick Fix

A couple days after a manicure, my nail polish usually starts  to wear off right along the tip.  (Does this happen to you, too?)  I’m pretty obsessive about un-chipped polish, but re-painting every few days is a pain.  My new quick fix?

Faded glitter!

My base color is Sally Hansen in “Eel Skin” and I added Essie’s “Golden Nuggets” once the polish started to wear.  The trick for getting a nice fade from tip to base is to paint upwards and apply multiple coats where you want the most glitter concentrated.

The glitter hides my stale manicure and will keep me from having to reapply for another few days.  Perfect :)

Do you hate having chipped nails?  How often do you paint yours?  Have you tried this glitter trick to keep your manicure looking fresh?  Got another quick fix to share?


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A Dreamy Sausalito Wedding…

One thing I love about my day job as a hair and makeup artist is that I get to see all kinds of beautiful weddings.  It blows me away how creative and unique each celebration can be.  A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with Ingrid who is, in every way imaginable, my dream bride.

This woman is absolutely beautiful inside and out, and I had so much fun working with her on the big day.  Her wedding was completely personalized and absolutely dreamy… want to see a few pictures?

The first awesome thing about this day: Ingrid got ready on a houseboat!  The weather was foggy all morning and I was worried about her outdoor wedding, but as soon as she arrived, so did the sun.

I love the braided hairstyle Ingrid chose for her big day— so relaxed and romantic, don’t you think?

Her sister-in-law, Stacy Bostrom, is an amazing photographer based in southern California (you can check out more of her work here.)  Despite having had a baby only three weeks before the wedding, she still managed to take the rest of these amazing snapshots of the day… she wasn’t even the official photographer and she still knocked it out of the park!

Check out the rest of the photos from the day on Stacy’s blog.  Isn’t the whole feel of this wedding just a dream?  *swoon*

Have a great weekend, my sweets!  See you back here on Monday.


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How to Gracefully Grow Out a Pixie Cut

Last December, I finally got the pixie cut I had been dreaming of for years.  (Click the link for the dramatic before and after photo!)  I was so excited to make a big change, and I was also looking forward to the challenge of growing my pixie out as gracefully as possible.

It took a lot of work— when my hair was super-short, I had to trim it every two weeks!  But I thought I’d share the stages with you lovelies to give you some ideas of how to rock your hair as it goes from super-short to an average bob (which is what I’ve got going on now.)  Care to see?

The Pixie– just a refresher of how my hair looked after it was first cut…

Add body- pixies are all about structure, which is why they often look bad when they’re growing out (they get floppy).  You can work with this, though, buy adding curl and body to your hair with a tiny flat iron or curling iron.  And don’t forget to rock cute hair accessories!

Needs a cut- I knew I needed a trim when my hair would start to get this mullet-y quality.  It was still short in the front because of my original pixie fringe, but the back was losing shape fast.

Quick fix- If I didn’t have time for a trim, I’d wear a front braid to pull the bangs back and tiny pigtails to keep the rest contained.

Neck trim- Otherwise, I used a razor along my neck line to keep the back nice and short while the front layers were growing out.  You can see in the photo below that my front layers were allllmost in line with the back.  When the front and back are even, you can let all of your hair get longer and it’ll naturally turn into a bob without much fuss.

Half Up- While I was waiting for everything to even out, I often pinned the short layers back, giving the illusion of a half-up style (even though I didn’t actually have enough hair to pull it into a ponytail in the back).

My Little Pony- Finally, as the entire look grew, I was able to pull my hair into a mini ponytail (with the help of a few bobby pins, of course!)

A Bob with Body- This photo was taken a month ago, when we were in Italy.  By this point, I had a bona-fide bob and could play with a curling iron to give it bounce and curl.

Now that I have a short bob, I can let my hair grow without having to cut it much.  I’ll clean up the layers every couple months, but I’m finally done with the bi-weekly trim that I had to deal with at first.

Overall, when trying to grow out a pixie, invest in some cute hair accessories and don’t be afraid to trim your neckline on your own with a razor (the kind for cutting hair, not the kind you shave your legs with).

Have you gone through the process of growing out a pixie?  Any tips or tricks that I didn’t mention?  Got photos?  Email ’em to or share your thoughts in the comments!


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